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Rocket League Season 6: Cheer Up – How Crazy Does It Get?


Things are getting very colorful in Rocket League Season 6! Source: Epic Games / Psyonix

Rocket League Season 6 Revealed! Epic Games and Psyonix officially announced the upcoming season on Monday night. The first thing we see are many bright colors. Because Rocket League Season 6 is called “Cheer Up”. Those who don’t like cartoons will probably look at the presentation with very critical eyes at first. Let’s take a look together at how crazy the next season of Rocket League is going to be.

As Psyonix announces, there will be a Rocket Pass in Season 6 that will revolve around the theme of animation. Fittingly, the new Nomad van finds its way into the game. In addition, the well-known Neo-Tokyo Arena will shine with new “splendour”. In addition to the previous version of the map, a Neo-Tokyo (comics) variant of the arena will come into play.

However, Season 6 will include much more than just another Battle Car, a new Rocket Pass, and the map just mentioned. It is said that the Fornax series items will be released later in the season and that the long-awaited Black Fennec will be available. They also want to introduce a big mid-season event, which should introduce a whole new game mode.

Rocket League Season 6 Get Animated begins on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 5 pm local time.

The Season 6 Rocket Pass

Those who celebrate the Merc hitbox will receive a new Battle Car in Season 6 that uses it. As always, the focus of the pass is the new car, which in this case will be the Nomad van. Of course, this is accompanied by a host of other rewards for new target explosions, tires, decals, antennas, and more.

As always, the premium version of the pass will be available for 1,000 credits. If you want to skip the first 12 tiers outright, you can do so with the Rocket Pass Bundle, which initially costs 2,000 instead of 3,000 credits. If you want to see the rewards from level 1-70 right now, click on this image:

Rocket League season 6 get animated rocket pass
We can also look at the Rocket Pass in its basic version.

Other news: Fornax and more

With the new season starting on Wednesday, new blueprints will also come into play. With this, you can get your hands on the first items in Fornax’s new series of items, containing both the new Mamba Car and some classic skins. Among other things, Pixelated Shades: Multichrome should be there. The Troika: Roasted Wheels, for example, offers a mix of old and new. Shade Raid Goal Explosion also turns every game into a comic.

There are also new items as part of the tournament rewards. For the tournament points you accumulate in Season 6, you can purchase trophies that contain new items such as toilet paper rolls, heavy dumbbells, and wheels full of teeth; sounds pretty crazy.

If you want to spend money in the store, you can expect not only a black Fennec in Season 6, but also new base and standard packs that include classic items like the Jäger 619, the Toon Hydro track, or the Toon Torexplosion. in include titanium white.

Rocket League season 6 cinematic trailer

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