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Rolf and Ben Becker are on camera together for "In All Friendship."

Rolf and Ben Becker are on camera together for “In All Friendship.”

Updated on 03/28/2022 at 19:19

  • Rolf and Becker are not only father and son, but also both actors.
  • However, this is their first time on camera together.
  • However, the two will not be playing father and son in the “In All Friendship” series.

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Like father, like son: Rolf und ben becker Although they are both actors, they have yet to appear on camera together. That is now changing in the MDR series “In All Friendship”: the two are currently filming the episode “A Good Person”, as announced by the broadcaster on Monday. While Rolf Becker has been seen as Otto Stein on the popular hospital series since 2006, his son Ben makes his debut in “All Friendship.”

“The first time together on camera, that’s fun of course,” says the 57-year-old. However, it’s also “a little weird” because the two know each other so well. “You can look at the cards a little bit. That also adds to the excitement a little bit, but otherwise it’s unbelievably beautiful.” Rolf Becker, who turns 87 on March 31, explains: “It’s a birthday present. However, we were really just colleagues on set, the family arrived after the end of filming.”

“In all friendship” – opponents instead of father and son

In the “In All Friendship” episode, the two are not related as in real life, but rather opponents: Ulrich Zweigert (Ben Becker) gains access to the Stein house as a police officer. He overwhelms Otto when he finds out about the thief. Ulrich himself is not in good shape. Otto manages to free himself and now, in turn, chases after Ulrich.

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“A Good Person” (episode 987) is expected to be shown in September. The MDR series “In All Friendship” is about the staff of the fictional Sachsenklinik in Leipzig and has been broadcast on the first channel since 1998.

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