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“Roma”, i 3 Oscar di Alfonso Cuarón


Movies for Sunday, why There is no better way to end the week than to spend the night in front of a good movie..

However, the choice is always difficult. It’s easy to get lost in front of the endless catalogs that Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky offer, just to name a few.

And since the last thing you want is to waste your time in indecision, here is our Sunday proposal: Roma by Alfonso Quarón, winner of three Oscars in 2019 and the Golden Lion at the 75th Venice Film Festival (2018).

Sunday Movies: Rome by Alfonso Quarón, a sample of real life and nostalgia

Alfonso Cuaron takes us back to the Mexico of his childhood, we are in the seventies in the neighborhood of the same name in Mexico City that gives its name to the film, Rome. The social upheavals and political conflicts speak of a troubled country full of contrasts, difficulties and imminent dangers. In the Mexico of those years, between rich and poor there was a clear distinction that in the film is evidenced by the confrontation between Cleo, Yalitza Aparicio, a handyman, and the family she cares for, performing endless duties and tasks.

Cleo, soon pregnant, and sofia, the landlady and mother of four children, sharing the luck of being abandoned by her men, they become the emblem of female strength, the true protagonist of the film, of her resistance and resilience. The social background does not exempt from the obligation to get up even in the most difficult situations, to support loved ones, to put order and try to live in balance even in a deranged existence.

If the distinction between classes is strong, between the sexes it is no less: If men can escape and indulge in their passions and activities, women do not have the same privilege. The house and the children are not abandoned.

We are spectators, although in different ways, of an authentic reality and the force of a woman who, after an unwanted pregnancy, is willing to give her own life.

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Rome by Alfonso Quarón, a flawless address that celebrates verisimilitude

Cuarón’s bedroom moves with attention. Wide panoramas and fixed shots, long sequence shots and quick shots alternate in a game that aims to make us capture even the smallest detail, make us notice the arrangement of furniture and objects as well as the most intimate emotions of the characters.

The director’s choice to rely on non-professional actors and leave room for improvisation responds to the need for verisimilitude. with the aim of projecting deep and true emotions on the screen.

The photograph is of a disarming beauty, captivating. Cuarón chooses black and white. A brilliant black and white that smacks of bygone times and nostalgia and represents only the most visible of contrasts. In the latter, in fact, the director also takes advantage of the sound level by opposing heartbreaking scenes with happy and festive rhythms, such as when the band plays happily just when Sofia is left alone on the road.

Rome is a hymn to the female universe

To capture the true essence, grandeur and details of this work, a second vision may be essential.. Stopping at the first could mean judging the work too hastily, capturing only its slowness and paucity of action that much of the plot responds to.

In one of the most moving autobiographical works of recent years not only you savor all the nostalgia the director feels for his childhood, but you also find yourself rethinking your childhood made up of fights between fathers, games and fights with siblings and, for some, of maids as second mothers.

On a hymn to the female universe Remember that the adjective weak associated with it is nothing more than the legacy of a closed, male-dominated and patriarchal society, and that women are capable of anything, of overcoming any adversity.

Rome it is a realistic painting, a real life story, of a universal pain, impossible not to perceive, share and understand. The Golden Lion rightly rewards a film destined to become one of the great classics.

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