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Rumor has it that the Pokemon remake is real and will be available in November 2021.


According to new rumors, a new Pokemon remake will be available in November next year and could be the long-awaited Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake.

Another rumor emerged, Pokemon The remake is underway and will be released next November, but the source of the rumors is more reliable than the anonymous online post.On a lot Pokemon Next year’s title has already been announced, but there seems to be room for another remake of one of the mainline games.

Pokemon Fans are anxious for another remake of one of the old titles in particular Pokemon Diamond Pearl.. Many times this year, fans have wanted some 4th generation remakes, and anonymous users on various internet forums have spread rumors that these remakes are in progress.There were various leaks in the original 2020 Pokemon Diamond Pearls Source code with rumors Title game Pokemon Max Diamond & Max Pearl.. But so far rumors have been of little importance.

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Twitter users today KeliosFR, French webmaster Pokemon point PokeKalos, Posted a tweet suggesting it Pokemon The remake will be released in November 2021. The tweet originally written in French is “You’re going to remake next November, stop complaining.. “KeliosFR didn’t elaborate on which games will be remade, but they Pokemon The title that will be released next year in reply to the original tweet.these Includes title New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Unite, Detective Pikachu 2, And an unknown mainline remake.

Reason Pokemon The community believes that the words of Kelios FR are based on past predictions. Kelios has a proven track record of accurately predicting or leaking information about some Nintendo Direct. That said, everything KeliosFR tweeted should be considered a rumor, not a difficult fact.While Pokemon Community, and various pillars of Pokemon I immediately believed in the news and rumors, which may be overwhelming desire Diamonds & pearls Remake..

But it makes sense for all Game Freaks to leave next year. 2021 is the 25th anniversary Pokemon As a franchise, Nintendo loves to celebrate big milestones by releasing a ton of content.This year should serve as an example, as Nintendo has released and announced several titles and crossovers to celebrate. Mario 35th anniversary. Whether the remake is genuine, Diamonds & pearls, Has not been announced yet.Anyway, in 2021 Pokemon as a whole.

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Source: KeliosFR

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