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RUMOR on PlayStation Plus: June 2021 show underway, a Star Wars game, and 2 new releases planned

RUMOR on PlayStation Plus: June 2021 show underway, a Star Wars game, and 2 new releases planned

It is common for new products Playstation plus leaking ahead of time, most of the time due to ads appearing too early on the web. But last month is the Spanish news site AreaJugones who got his sources talking by revealing ahead of time that Battlefield v Y Deep stranded would be among the games offered in May: they were not wrong. Since then it has also reported the imminent announcement of the alternative colors DualSense before YOU he doesn’t talk about it, which further supports his credibility.

So when AreaJugones gets wet when in the program PS + by June 2021, there is something to be curious about. According to journalist Víctor Rodríguez, Operation: Tango, Asymmetric cooperative game with a secret agent and a hacker, it would be free from its launch on June 1 on PS5 and, what is even more interesting, Star Wars: Squads Y Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown it would be on PS4. Yes, you read that right, the new one Virtua fighter who will it be officially presented this Thursday It could be added to many players’ game libraries next week!

The rotation of the game is supposed to take place on June 1, but to avoid breaking the announcement effect of SEGA As for his future fighting game, the program, therefore, could not be formalized this last Wednesday of the month, as tradition dictates. But in any case, we will quickly take a look at what the future holds. You can subscribe to Playstation plus for € 59.99 per year.

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