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Rust Console Edition on PS4 and Xbox One this spring


Rust console edition is one of the most popular competitive multiplayer survival games ever. It will soon be ready to explode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a closed beta. The latter is currently being held and will last for a few weeks. A trailer released today: the publisher and developer Double eleven reveals some iconic areas of the game, for the first time on consoles.

Survival experts looking for the best competitive console experience can try their luck online on servers with up to 100 participants. The beginning is unstoppable: the player wakes up alone on a mysterious island devastated by an apocalypse and dotted with enigmatic industrial monuments, armed with a pebble and equipped with a torch. His goal is to capture the first notions of survival in this ruthless world, while death watches him around every corner.

Therefore, Rust’s first objective is not to die. The player must master his hunger and thirst, master the elements, create his clothes, and ensure his safety in the face of hostility from other players, scientists, bears, wolves, and other traps that are sure to turn him on, drown or poison him in the slightest. chance.

Rust is a game without rules, offering little guidance on what to do next. Players are free to be aggressive or welcoming, roam the map or build their own barracks, and go for a more sedentary lifestyle. Of course, it is easier to survive with multiple people, especially when adversity is well organized. A small cabin hidden deep in the forest may be the solution for a lone wolf, while an elaborate group will build large, well-protected and guarded metal buildings. In the end, it is the ability to forge different weapons (ranged, melee, fire, bombs, traps…) and wield them brilliantly that will make the difference between the survivors and the others.

Since its launch in early access on Steam in 2013, millions of players have populated the dense and brutal world of Rust, a true social experiment that has become one of the most played titles on the Valve platform. Over the months, the game has established itself as a mind-blowing theater of experimentation and creativity, standing out from the competition thanks to its keen eye for detail, intrinsic richness, and variety of gameplay, including bitter battles. And demanding are the figurehead.

The development and Rust Console Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be supported by the British Double Eleven, independently of Facepunch who was responsible for the edition and development of the PC version.

Rust is not for the faint of heart. It is recommended to trust its huge community to tame its particular curve of progression that is its charm. Thrown into the wild with a pebble and a torch for any pack, the player will have to fight his companions or make allies to hope to survive to a minimum. It is mandatory to remove blueprints to learn new techniques and build more powerful weapons, armor and protection, and highly recommended to share resources and knowledge with allies, either for a long time or in passing. Rust is endless challenges that the player must overcome with a simple pebble, then a spear, a bow, a single shot pistol, or even machine guns and rocket launchers. But all in due time: first, the pebbles and the torch!

For more information on Rust Console Edition, visit and on Twitter, @playrustconsole.

About Double Eleven
Double Eleven Limited is a Middlesbrough based publisher and developer with a second studio in Kuala Lumpur. Recent studio projects include Minecraft Dungeons (2020), Rust Console (2021), and Prison Architect (PC and console). As an independent publisher, Double Eleven focuses on creating great games on different platforms for new audiences with titles such as the PixelJunk series, Prison Architect or Goat Simulator. Double Eleven also enjoys an excellent reputation for technical knowledge, working on games like Lego Harry Potter (PS4 / XB1 / Switch) or Crackdown 3 (Windows 10).

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