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Salos for environmental cargo with superyachts and helicopters


The news comes again Bill gates and Jeff bezos, This time for the wrong reasons, after receiving heavy criticism from social media users for their energy-intensive yacht and helicopter travel options, at a time when they are working hard to reduce air emissions … But let’s take things from the beginning. Last weekend, for different reasons, which finally coincided, the two pioneers of technology, found in Turkey to spend moments of relaxation. His founder Microsoft for his 66th birthday while his CEO Amazon For vacations. However, Bill Gates decided for the first time after his divorce from Melinda Gates, decided to celebrate for the occasion on which Jeff Bezos was also invited.

Gates’ superyacht in the Aegean

The festival took place in Fethiye (or Makri in Greek), a coastal city in southwestern Asia Minor, a place that is the so-called “Turkish Riviera”.

Bill Gates had invited about 50 people to a very private beach, away from the camera, while to guarantee the privacy of those who worked to serve the high guests they were prohibited from bringing their mobile phones.

However, criticism directed at billionaires It wasn’t about the party they were at, it was about how they moved.

For his vacation needs, Bill Gates chartered the fierce yacht “Lana”, which costs 2.3 million euros a week, and transported his guests to the Sea Me Beach club resort in Fethiye by helicopter.


At the same time, Jeff Bezos, who enjoyed the hospitality of his friend Bill Gates, was further north on the coast of Asia Minor, specifically in the Gokova region, and to go to the site of the party, which was 193 kilometers away, he chose a helicopter as well for his return. In Gokova he had “tied up” the 400 million euro superyacht called “Flying Fox”.


Pollutant emissions

According to DailyMail, helicopters emit 9.5 kilos of carbon dioxide per gallon of fuel they burn. Thus, according to the British newspaper, according to the kilometers traveled, Jeff Bezos’ helicopter emitted about 100 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere just to get to and from Bill Gates’s party.

The distance traveled

At the same time, the superyachts in which the tech billionaires remain consume a lot of energy, and are estimated to each emit about 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year or 19 tons a day!

Strong criticism from users of social networks.

The revelation of the elections of Gates and Bezos did not leave indifferent the users of social networks who strongly touched the fact of contrast between the words and deeds of the two billionaires who are otherwise active against the climate crisis.

“Bill Gates, a tremendous waste of energy, is helping reduce CO2 for his 66th birthday by transporting his body fat by yacht and then by helicopter to a specific location.”

“Assuming the rules don’t apply to them?”another user wrote. «More than people who will once again target the rest of us next week on climate change» wrote one user, while another noted that these are the people who put us in our shoes and give us lectures on the so-called “climate crisis”.

The superyachts of Bezos and Gates

Jeff Bezos was in Turkey with his ultra-luxury superyacht called “Flying Fox” which is estimated at more than 400 million euros. The 135-meter superyacht has two helipads and a helicopter. It also offers a gym, jacuzzi, spa, swimming pool and water sports equipment, as well as movie theaters. The yacht can also accommodate 22 guests in 11 cabins, one of which is a master suite and 10 are VIP suites.

It is noted that Jeff Bezos rents the superyacht from time to time to celebrities and billionaires like Beyonce. The cost is estimated at three million euros per week.

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On the other hand, Bill Gates chose to be on the Turkish coast with a rented superyacht that costs around 1.8 million euros a week. The interior of the “Lana” accommodates twelve guests in eight ensuite cabins, including a master suite and seven VIP cabins. Each VIP guest cabin is decorated in a unique color scheme, making each room unique. You can also transport up to 31 crew members to ensure a relaxed luxury rental experience.

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Global anxiety about our planet’s climate

And all this while the last 24 hours the global political elite is talking about the next day of managing the climate crisis. The G20 conference closed without tangible results, while the 26th UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, in which the Greek Prime Minister is expected to participate today, began its work yesterday. Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

It is recalled that the preliminary report of the World Meteorological Organization on the state of the climate, which is presented at the beginning of the UN Climate Summit COP26, writes that global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions threatens future generations long-term “.

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