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Samsung Exynos 1000 may be faster than Snapdragon 875



So what about power efficiency?


Andreidinutu, 9 hours ago“Game phones dominate the period” Let’s prove the mistake again. … MoreThis person is probably a Nubian salesperson or someone who works for a mobile gaming company. Don’t listen to him.

I doubt how to replace a gaming PC with a gaming smartphone. Maybe he’s Chinese, and the popularity of Chinese console / PC games has declined somewhat.

But believe me, mobile games aren’t making much progress these days. It’s a choice for budget gamers. If you have a lot of money, be pretty sure you’ll get a gaming PC / console.

Lightweight and portable (MSi, Razer) in addition to the laptops of some current games


iOS Never Never, 8 hours agoThe mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the technology segment. …HateAnd in 2020?

Currently, there are PS5, Nvidia Ampere graphics card series, Unreal Engine 5, cloud streaming and more.

Mobile game development is slowing in 2020.

You can find out about trolls caught using a $ 50 fake Huaxing Note 9 or HDC iPhone.

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Viper, 16 hours agoWell that was rude. All I know about u is that you may have your own opinion.fact? Are you really a Samsung engineer? Damn, I was just joking.

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Viper, 16 hours agolisten! listen! Mali and Equinos engineers talked! Samsung is not 1Ah … a public review from Anand Tech, that of an already released phone, isn’t like you talked about the next phone with the score you leaked.

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Mosel, 17 hours agoThe Exynos 990 is far from the Exynos 8895. The Exynos 8895 CPU was very efficient (more efficient … moreYes i know I was only talking about GPUs. 70% are from s9 or s10 anandtechs reviews. In the comparison, the gfxbench test also shows the power values ​​of older phones like the s8 and s7. Where did you get these tdp numbers? When you look at what you got anandtech, it’s wrong.


All accessories such as controllers, keyboards and mice can also be connected to mobile.
You can also broadcast the game directly on your TV and experience the big screen.


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  • 8js

iOS Never Never, 8 hours agoThe mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the technology segment. …HateThink of anyone who has a sense of reality. Logic does not discuss it. In contrast, mobile game data and statistics show that mobile games are more profitable than consoles and PCs. Therefore, more vendors are promoting their mobile phones to games.

Mobile games are easy to enter in terms of availability and are not technical. As a result, most people still see dedicated games and consoles for PCs with steeper entries and simply higher costs. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be converted to better, faster performance or developed hardware. The essence of a touch screen is that the input is actually the worst compared to a controller (console) or keyboard / mouse (PC).

Therefore, in terms of broader reach, mobile has a definite advantage. From the perspective of complete experience, a competitive expert, the PC leads behind the console.


iOS Never Never, 8 hours agoThis guy absolutely hates games on the phone and general game phones. There is no point in claiming wit … moresurely. I stopped trying to explain because it’s all in vain


Anonymous, 8 hours agoThe future is certainly a mobile game, consoles will survive, but game phones will definitely evolve … moreThe mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the technology segment.
Haters will hate gaming phones in the face of the facts.


LORD, 21 hours ago“The benefits are small” You are not a mobile gamer, or …This guy absolutely hates games on the phone and general game phones.
There is no point in discussing with him. He is recently owned by all threads.


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  • vGE

M3S4, 9 hours agoA better experience of playing has nothing to do with the popularity or market share of fps games … moreThe future is certainly mobile games, consoles will survive, but gaming phones are arguably more popular. All these people say mobile graphic vampires and game phones are meaningless. Just ask them to say what they like and the time will tell you who is right


MagicMonkeyBoy, September 20, 2020Buddy … depending on the clock speed … exynos can be 3ghz as well as Qualcomm … no … moreYes, but I mentioned that your gaming phone dominates them all


Mosel, September 19, 2020Game phones feel ridiculous to me. I’m not robbing others of their choices. More…Improving the playing experience has no correlation with the popularity or market share of FPS games. According to data from around the world, mobile is not a replacement for console and PC games, but the future is mobile games.

Anyway, I’m a PC gamer and I get “lazy” as I get older. I sometimes like to play pubg and puzzle games in my bed.


I, 15 hours agoIt’s youIs it me?


Nodal to Mesh, 18 hours agoSpeaking of gaming phones, even the iPad Pro can’t match quality and gameplay … moreI fully agree with you. But, as I said, it’s not the best PC game can offer. Nubia, on the other hand, can provide you with the best smartphone gaming experience on mobile
But I agree that computers are much more valuable


MagicMonkeyBoy, September 20, 2020My red magic is amazing. The game phone dominates the period. Much better experience than my oneplus … more“Game mobile phones dominate the period”
Let’s repeat. Try to prove that you are wrong. And as a form of respect, please shade this time. Like a normal human.

Now … start with design. For me, for you, for many others, it’s a cool design. You can spread it to your friends and it can be cool.
But what about about 10% of Europeans doing paperwork? Do you have a meeting to attend? What, do you think they aren’t embarrassed in front of others because they have flashy LED lights behind their phones? Or is it the overall design? Unlike me and you, I hope neither is over 23 years old (I’m under 22), they’re men (because women don’t buy these). And these grown-up men are so embarrassed to show this to the women around the table and like to forget about the plans they are making rather than writing them down on the calendar.
Next is the software / hardware side.
Software, hmm, what a beautiful place!
I can’t even list ems here because there are so many bugs in my bs2. Yes, it’s a budget phone, it’s chi *** e, you can easily ignore all of this. But what if you want a more premium experience? It needs Samsung. Then proceed to the update part of bs2. Well I still have it on android 9. why? If you dare to update to Android 10, the microphone will stop working and the battery life will be halved. What kind of software does this gaming phone have?
And it’s not just black sharks. Nubia has a translation problem. Wouldn’t that type dominate it now? And don’t tell me that your Nubia has no other problems, I don’t believe it. I agree that the Asus rog is more or less a really perfect device. However, only if the bank account is larger than Kirin’s neck. If you own Nubia, you probably don’t.
game? Come on, don’t give it to me. Yes, you have more options and settings for the game, but are all of the above worth the struggle? No, it’s not. And you said something about the higher antutu benchmark … are you even seeing the difference between the s20 Ultra and Nubia? Both can play pubg in the same way, so you don’t have to.
Do you think a 500 euro phone, mostly limited to pubg and cod, is worth 2000 euros more than a gaming computer? Do you expect me to believe that playing pubg all day is better than Tomb Raider, Far Cry, gta and more? Don’t start me with portability as you said it was your “minicomputer”. And for portability, you can get a gaming laptop for 2000 euros.
Seriously, gaming phones aren’t the best. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s for me, but not for everyone


But is it the same power management? Is it temperature efficient? There is a significant factor in the hassle of placing two very different chips on the same model. Cheeky Samsung.


Mosel, September 19, 2020You are comparing it the wrong way again. SD 855 is definitely more efficient than Exynos 79 … moreDon’t you know ??? The 3100mah exynos 7904 lasts longer than the 4000mah sd 855. This 7904 is less efficient. And the sd855 is efficient, has a 7nm build process (or whatever it is, 12 or 10) and IDKs anything else to hold the battery
Personally, I found the 7904 to be much more efficient than the sd 855. And the 855 should be equivalent because of the short distance between the transistors. Had a much larger battery


KondriX, September 20, 2020The high temperature destroys the battery and you see the hoe on your smartphone, so the battery is nearby … moreYou are right, you can’t object. Unlike everyone here, you made sense and taught me something, thank you

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