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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What's different?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus: What’s different?

The Galaxy Note series has always followed a “Go big or go home” philosophy, and that’s very much on display with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The new phone has one of the largest screens you’ll ever find on any phone — at least on one that doesn’t fold open — along with the most powerful processor available to an Android device. You’ll also get multiple cameras and an upgraded S Pen with less latency than ever before.

In fact, the Note 20 Ultra introduces so many changes, you might wonder if it’s a completely different device from the Galaxy Note 10 Plus that used to be Samsung’s best big phone. While the new model still has a lot in common with last year’s super-sized phone, a lot has changed since the Note 10 Plus made its debut a year ago.

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