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Samsung Galaxy S21, the solution for the interface error is coming

Often times, the teams of developers of the different smartphone manufacturers are forced to fix more or less annoying bugs that users find and in recent days those of Samsung and Google have been quite busy.

Samsung works to fix the Galaxy S21 error

The Korean giant has released the update that brought the personalized interface One UI 4 with Android 12 to the smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, but in the United States this update brought with it an annoying bug: users, in fact, reported the presence of interface lag and this issue is caused by a bug related to Update frequency screen, which automatically switches from 120Hz to 60Hz even when it shouldn’t.

The Samsung team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. It looks like the bug was actually caught in beta testing, but the fix present in the current version of the software (BUK7) only works on some units, while a full fix should arrive with the next update.

A bug fix will come with Android 12L

The Google team is also struggling with resolving a bug whereby setting automatic wallpaper switching could cause games to crash (when switching between one wallpaper and another).

We remind you that Material You, the new design language introduced with Android 12, brings with it a dynamic theme engine that extracts the colors from the current background and distributes them in the user interface of the system and in compatible applications and background modification . It involves a configuration change that forces all application activity to restart, so that they use the new background colors for the theme.

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Well, the main cause of this error that causes games to crash has been identified in the forced changes to the Android configuration and its solution will be implemented with Android 12L: in practice, the correction will ensure that the changes in the background do not activate. changes. to the subject and will not force the restart of the application activities, thus avoiding crashes.