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Samsung launches a new shoe care device: technology

On Thursday, Samsung Electronics launched a new shoe care device to boost sales with new lifestyle devices amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The BESPOKE ShoeDresser for Samsung is a shoe care device that can remove and dry unpleasant odors and moisture in shoes.

The device takes advantage of the technologies used in Samsung’s “AirDresser” smart locker and enhanced UV technology.

The device removes odor particles with UV deodorizing filters, while heat pump technology dries shoes.

On the top surface, the device contains a xenon UVC lamp to kill germs.

Samsung stated that its latest product can be controlled through its SmartThings Internet of Things platform.

Samsung will also provide a lifetime warranty on the product’s compressor motor and inverter, as well as a commitment to ESPOKE Home products that are designed to help consumers decorate their entire home space with various customizable appliances.


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