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Samsung mocks Apple on Twitter

Samsung mocks Apple on Twitter

Samsung once again poked fun at Apple and its new iPhone on Twitter. In part, however, the company is doing itself a disservice.

Samsung Mobile US has once again sent out some spiteful tweets towards Apple and its new iPhone 14. Under the announcement “A brief summary of our reaction to the ‘groundbreaking’ new devices unveiled on Wednesday” followed three responses intended to indicate what innovations it has been offering. Samsung for a long time and Apple no.

Two of the three tweets refer to Samsung’s foldable phones and are mostly self-promotion with no real connection to new Apple products: one indirectly asks when Apple will show off a vertically foldable device; you could do it yourself for two and a half years.

The second tweet works in a very similar way: “What’s wrong with the fold?” asks Samsung, freely translated, in the direction of Apple, also with the note that it has been available for two and a half years.

The third tweet is aimed squarely at the iPhone 14 Pro: “48 megapixels? You almost made it,” it says in bold, smaller below: “We’ve had 108 megapixels for two years and six months.”