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Sea Check out unloads 403 illegal immigrants to us: with the authorization of the authorities

Pozzallo, October 22 – It will be one particular a lot more time Pozzallo the port that will have to see the landing of NGO ships loaded with illegal immigrants. A handful of minutes in the past the announcement was manufactured on social networks by the Sea-View Italy with a cheering twitter twitter: “The Italian authorities have assigned the port of Pozzallo to Sea View 3“The ferry for unlawful immigrants, in actuality, has been circumnavigating Sicily for a couple times, at the second it is in between the north coastline and the Aeolian Islands, and in an easterly path it will cross the Strait of Messina and then head south with scheduled arrival tomorrow. .

Sea Look at arrives with 403 illegal immigrants at the port of Pozzallo

Individuals 403 are on board, a new significant stress for the overall notorious hospitality procedure, especially in situations of pandemics, and in periods when there is a resurgence of the phenomenon that is impacting Sicily but not only. Ten landings recorded in Calabria, in just 24 several hours, which induced the procedure to plummet (in Roccella the previous arrivals remained on the pier overnight) and then once again in Salento and Sardinia, a spot that is not just uncomplicated to access and that poses extra than just one question about the “travel” modalities of these illegal immigrants.

Due to the fact January 1, more than 50 thousand have landed

Financial statements from January 1, 2021 to day: 50,879 immigrants disembarked (and tomorrow the 403 from Sea Look at 3 will be additional, surely), of which 380 only yesterday. Of these 14 thousand are Tunisians, more than 6,000 Bangladeshis and 5,000 Egyptians. No intervention, even though predicted, from Europe in conditions of redistribution and / or repatriation, anything is silent whilst the landings proceed even in spite of the climatic conditions that are no longer all those of summertime.

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