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Seagull explains why Overwatch 2 focuses on PvE campaigns rather than PvP


Apex Legends hacker “Loide 90” was released and swiftly banned after being roughly streamed on Twitch, Facecam, etc., apparently with Wallhack enabled.

One thing is that hacking in a video game can infuriate your enemies and make you feel bold enough to risk a ban. Streaming these hacks live on Twitch to over 700 viewers while casually hanging out with face cams on is a whole different beast of confidence.

After all, Apex Legends streamer Loide90 boasts such a level of shy confidence. During the October 25 stream, he was exposed for his casual use of Wallhack during a fairly busy broadcast.

No, these weren’t Bloodhound’s temporary good visibility brands, but were limited by cooldowns and locations. Loide90 was able to see the bright red enemy silhouette forever through the wall. Since the exposure, he seems to have been banned on both Twitch and Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale.

Many used Twitter to call for Loide 90’s nasty behavior, and other streamers joined in. One peer named “noobkingsmith” was watching the hacker live. This gives the viewer the opportunity to clip the cheat from someone else’s channel and prevents the clip from being easily deleted.

Clipped by “Vix Trilogy” and shared on Twitter, where Respawn was directly tagged, was another tweet that actually caught the attention of the developers and eventually seemed to lead to a ban.

After posting a clip showing how SoaR pro player “Johnny” died to a hacker, respawn producer Josh Medina said that fraudsters were banned, and that was his first breach. I confirmed that it wasn’t there.

Many others have tagged Medina and the developers have informed the community that they have also been identified in a Twitch search for their Loide 90 account. Accounts are prohibited.

“I told him this would happen before banning one of his alternatives.” As Medina explains, he apparently tried to brooch the subject in Royde earlier. And his warning was not foretold, forcing him to ban reckless scammers again.

The hacker’s Twitch account seems to be banned and hasn’t been confirmed yet, but you should imagine that the Apex Legends EA account has also been deleted.

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