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Seahawks stars Jamal Adams and Marshawn Lynch will play in the Pro Bowl in 2021 ... in Madden

Seahawks stars Jamal Adams and Marshawn Lynch will play in the Pro Bowl in 2021 … in Madden

For obvious reasons, the actual Pro bowl This year is not a problem. Ideally, there’s no reason to do this anymore, as too many players care little about it and get out of this exhibition game and reduce the actual Game Day roster.

So what are your plans for 2021? This has been known for some time, but today I’ve been blocking it for a long time until I realized I could use another post.

Sunday ESPN and ABC 12:00 PT. On January 31st, there will be a two-hour celebration of the Pro Bowl selection through highlights and interviews, with Chris Berman’s top 10 countdown to the best play of the season, and a bunch of other segments that will almost certainly not go.

Next is the “game”. No, there is no physical football. It’s only virtual. At the beginning of this pandemic, sporting events were replaced by NBA 2K simulations and MLB: show simulations performed on real broadcasters. It’s normal to see others play video games, and you’ll get the Seattle Seahawks final appearance through Jamal Adams.


Deshaun Watson, Derrick Henry, Snoop Dogg and Key Shawn Johnson represent AFC. Kyler Murray, Jamal Adams, Baba Wallace and Marshawn Lynch represent NFC.

Each player plays once every five minutes quarterly (the exact match has not been determined) while playing from home using the official AFC and NFC Pro Bowl rosters.

I don’t know how the roster usage is divided, but Jamal Adams is a selection of Pro Bowls, Quandre Diggs, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, DK Met Calf, Tyler Ott, Nick Bellore. Is the same as. Either Marshawn or Adams may need to play the fourth quarter as the Seahawks tend to do their best job.

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The virtual game will be live streamed on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch at 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 2pm (Pacific Standard Time) and on the NFL network at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 5pm (Pacific Standard Time). It will be played.