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Season 2 of 7 vs Wild is officially announced: all the information

Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild! Source: Fritz Meinecke – Live on YouTube

The cat is out of the bag! The popular video format 7 vs. Wild from content creator Fritz Meinecke and his team is entering the second round. After Season 1 was extremely well received by the community and achieved millions of views per episode, the hit format is getting a second season this year. Fritz Meinecke announces it in a recent video on YouTube.

What’s in Season 2 of 7 vs Wild? Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild is ready to take it “to the next level” and be even bigger than Season 1, which aired in late 2021. After 7 vs. Wild will still be played in Sweden, the location for Season 2 will have completely different conditions, requirements and demands for the participants. 7 vs. Wild Season 2 takes place on a tropical island and should be the exact opposite of Season 1 in almost every way. High humidity and generally humid weather with high temperatures await candidates. The tropical island, which will be visited by the participants during the rainy season, has a large jungle that also has many peculiarities.

In addition to flora, the theme of fauna will also be particularly exciting in 7 vs. Wild Season 2. Tropical islands and jungles offer potential for various insects, spiders, snakes, but also predators like crocodiles. Of course, the new Season 2 logo, featuring a crocodile and palm trees, also hints at the setting. The exact country and corresponding island are yet to be revealed for various reasons; before such details are revealed, the series must first be finished.

Learning From Mistakes – This Gets Better In Season 2

Part of the organization team, Max and Johannes, who were also significantly involved in the design of season 1, are also part of the party this time and were even there to visit the place. There was also a new survival expert who rated the locations according to fairness and requirements.

According to Meinecke in the announcement video, one learned from mistakes in season 1 and consequently, among other things, selected more than seven locations in order to better react to spontaneous events. In addition, the organizational team has grown, so Wandermut is now involved as well. This is a company that organizes and offers expeditions and trips to remote places in extreme conditions.

Of course, the face of the show, Fritz Meinecke himself, will also be there as a participant. To prepare all candidates for the special conditions, there will be a briefing by the aforementioned survival expert before the start, which is best to listen carefully.

To be prepared for potential dangers, the rescue team was also expanded and supplemented with an emergency doctor to be able to offer the best help as quickly as possible in an emergency. An officer from the Bundeswehr will also contribute to this, who is also involved in the organization team and will prepare for possible evacuation measures.

More effort, more staff, more project. Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild should mark a real milestone in content production on YouTube Germany, you can watch it right away. 15 people have been working on the realization since the beginning of the year, explains Meinecke.

More details about the process

Like Season 1, Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild will be shot between August and September. It will then follow the broadcast, just like Season 1, in November and December. Apparently, there is not much to optimize in terms of streaming and playing the episodes.

However, we do not have details on the total number of episodes and new releases per week. No doubt there will be new ideas at a later date. Another great feature of Season 2 will be that a contestant will be chosen from the viewers via a wild card.

The application process, the guidelines and all the other important factors that will be decisive for this will be presented tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14, at the Fritz Meinecke – Live YouTube Channel to be posted. More information about the participants will be available the following day, on Wednesday. Until then, watch the full 7 vs. Season 2 announcement video. Wild below:

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