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season two kicks off with new looks and balances

season two kicks off with new looks and balances

The second season of Pokémon Unite is now available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Dubbed Sun, Sun, Sunshine, it features a host of new content for Nintendo’s popular MOBAs and TiMi Studios, including another battle pass with 90 levels to beat, as well as holowear for Pokémon and other rewards.

The new skins

Perhaps the main attraction of this second season is the new outfits for both Pokémon and trainers. There are three TiMi Studio Group title skins highlighted on the game’s Twitter: one for Charizard, one for Crustle, and one for Venusaur, all based primarily on spending time in the sun. The exception is Charizard, who appears to be wearing a Gi, an outfit traditionally used in martial arts. Hand monsters aren’t the only ones getting new items this second season. As you would expect from a new Battle Pass, you can customize your trainers with a variety of cosmetics. These include clothing like shorts and sandals to really prepare you for the hot weather that we are not having, at least in Italy.

Veterans Award

Those who have played Pokémon Unite since the first season can also claim great rewards now that the second season of the game has begun. For example, master rank players will get 20,000 tickets for going this far. Unfortunately, a new season means a new rank reset. So if you are low on the ranked leaderboard, you can now try again to reach higher ranks with the new ranked games. According to a survey published by TiMi Studio Group in September, everything we are seeing could be a prelude to what is in store for the Pokémon MOBA.

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