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Seattle Sounders of 23 teams from around the world participating in the special "Fortnite" celebration of football

Seattle Sounders of 23 teams from around the world participating in the special “Fortnite” celebration of football

A “Fort Knight” character rendered in a Sounders FC kick-off outfit. (Epic Games image)

Seattle Sounders FC is participating in another kind of “beautiful game” because it is one of the few clubs chosen to participate in the global football celebrations in the popular video game “Fortnite”. I will.

Epic Games, along with Atlanta United and LAFC, chose the Sounders as one of the three Major League Soccer teams to face off in a highly competitive tournament and experience a new creative mode of gameplay. 20 other top teams from around the world are also involved.

A “Seattle Sounders Cup” It will be held Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Players must register for the tournament. The Top 100 finishers will receive a free collection of rave green “kick offset” outfits.

On Wednesday, “Fortnite” players and football fans around the world will have the opportunity to play the game and earn rewards by participating in the Pele Cup. Anyone playing the game can access the Creative Hub for an immersive football experience throughout the week or join a club of your choice, such as the Sounders, at a hosted game tournament.

Starting Saturday, players will be able to choose from 10 variations of kick-off costumes to represent their favorite club in the game. Each outfit can be exchanged for any of the 23 participating clubs, including the Sounders FC. In addition, players can earn or purchase two new “Fortnite” emotes, including a “Fancy Footwork” dribble emote and the iconic “Pele’s Air Punch” celebration.

This partnership is of particular interest to the iconic Brazilian football star Pele, who is now 80 years old and is interested in solidifying his legacy among young fans.

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Craig Howe, CEO of Rebel Ventures, said: To further develop his incredible life and football journey. “

All kick-off outfits will be available for purchase on the Fortnite in-game marketplace from January 23rd to January 30th.