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Security vulnerability in Android: Thousands of users need a new cell phone


The smartphone should be protected like a safe because it contains a lot of sensitive data. An Android gap is now causing problems.

Dortmund: Smartphones don’t just make life easier. They also contain our most important data, access points and maybe some secrets. They want to be protected. However, an Android security breach recently made it possible to access precisely this sensitive content, without much IT knowledge. The problem was fixed, but not for everyone.

Dangerous vulnerability in Android smartphones: bypass screen lock easily

If the smartphone is stolen, users can rely on the screen lock. Trust that the criminal will not be able to access important data, so they can cause even more damage and possibly access bank details. A vulnerability in Android has destroyed exactly this trust.

Because strangers could only gain access to the smartphone with a few simple steps and without any knowledge of IT or even hackers if it was physically available. All that was needed was a different SIM card.

Security patch released for Android, but not for all users

With the new SIM card, the scammers would have simply entered the wrong PIN code three times and then entered the correct PUK code. And voilà: Android then unlocks the lock screen and all the data behind it. Vulnerability could reproduce on a Google Pixel 6, be loud gigabytes but usable on all Android devices.

Security expert David Schütz discovered the serious vulnerability and reported it to Google. For this, the bug bounty received a $70,000 bounty from the mega corporation: Android users who were exposed to the security risk will receive a security patch in return. But not everyone benefits from the new security.

Security updates not for all Android smartphones

The security patch for Google Pixel smartphones is available from November 5th and it is highly recommended to install the update. Other manufacturers are likely to be noisy gigabytes follow up soon. However, users of older devices look inside the tube.

Because not all smartphones come with lifetime security updates. At some point it will end and the smartphone will become vulnerable over time. For example, updates to the Pixel 4 (2019) will no longer be available in October of this year (more digital news in RUHR24).

An important vulnerability in Android has been closed, but not for all users.

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Without a security update, caution is advised, or a new cell phone will have to be found

Google writes: “Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, 4a (5G), 5 and 5a (5G) will receive Android version updates and security updates for at least 3 years from the date the device was released. for the first time in Google Store USA. offered for sale.”

This means that older pixel models are not protected either. Other manufacturers also finalize security updates for older devices over time; these are also at risk.

This means that users who no longer receive security patches should take extra care with their smartphones and block all accounts if they are lost and disable 2-factor authentication if it is linked to the smartphone. Over time, a new smartphone may come due.

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