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See, this is how to move WhatsApp history from iPhone to Galaxy Z Fold 3: Okezone techno

MANY people find it hard to move the story WhatsApp from iPhone to an Android phone. But it turns out that several technology manufacturers have provided a solution.

One of them is Samsung, which provides a feature to move WhatsApp conversation history from iPhone to your latest cell phone. Galaxy Z Fold 3 then Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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Transferring WhatsApp conversations from iOS phones to Android can be done using the Samsung Smart Switch app. This is based on the official statement from Samsung.

To move a conversation, make sure WhatsApp is installed on both phones, with a minimum specification of version on iPhone and version i on Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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On new phones, install the Samsung Smart Switch app at least version Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 must be in a new power state the first time or go back (reset) to factory settings.

If you choose the factory settings, the user must ensure that they have a backup of the data on the device. Resetting to factory settings will erase all data present on the device.

This migration of WhatsApp conversation history requires a USB Type-C to Lightning cable and the same mobile phone number.

Once all the conditions are met, launch the Smart Switch app on the Galaxy Fold 3 or Galaxy Flip 3. Then connect the old phone to the new phone with a USB cable.

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Enter WhatsApp application on Samsung phone, scan QR code on Samsung phone with iPhone. Follow the steps outlined and make sure the phone is turned on until the process is complete.

Quoted from Antara, Tuesday (9/14/2021), the Smart Switch application not only serves to move WhatsApp chats from old phones to new phones, but it can also move other data such as photos, videos, contact lists, to bookmarks. in the browser.