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Seed mechanics, where the game is played, tiebreaker rules, and other things you need to know


Unprecedented Major League Baseball The season will be an unprecedented postseason and the 2020 MLB playoffs will definitely be different baseball Fans have seen it before. Neutral sites, limited holidays, and a record number of teams World series The title, which could turn out to be the crazyest October in MLB history.

With so many changes to this year’s MLB playoffs, I thought it was a good idea to get fans to understand how all of this unique postseason works.

How Does the Seed for the 2020 MLB Playoffs Work?

For the first time in history, 16 teams (8 from the American League and 8 from the National League) will win a post-season berth following a shortened 60-game regular season ending September 27. The post-season brackets for each league will consist of three division winners. , 3 second place teams, 2 wildcard teams.

The top three seeds for each league will be awarded to the winners of the division (East, Central, West) in record order. The next three seeds will be in record order for the second-placed team in each division. The last two spots go to the remaining two teams with the best records, regardless of department or where they are in the department.

But what if the 2nd place team is better than one of the 1st place teams, or one of the two wildcard teams is better than one of the 2nd place teams? Will the team get a higher seed? No. For example, the San Diego Padres will finish in 2nd place at NL West, but may have a better record than the 1st place team at NL Central (probably the Chicago Cubs) or NL East (probably Atlanta). Braves). However, the Padres did not win the division and are still fourth in the National League. Teams will not be reseeded as the MLB playoffs progress. Due to the poor performance of the league, given the abbreviated nature of the season, it is possible that a team with a tighter schedule had a tighter schedule.

It’s been going on for years, so there are still four rounds to this year’s MLB playoffs. The difference is that the top seeds in each league don’t have to wait to see what happens in the wild card game. All 16 teams will participate in the first round of the three best series. In other words, we saw a round of divisions with zero division winners. Also note that the top four seeds in each league will host all games in the opening round of Homeball Park before the postseason moves to the neutral site.

Division Series, League Championship Series, World Series will be played on Neutral Site

Relation: The 2019 MLB Postseason looks a little different from the regular season of 60 games

Upon completion of the Wild Card Round (9 / 29-10 / 2), the Division Series (Best 5) and League Championship Series (Best 7) ​​of each league will be played on the neutral site. World series.

In the American League, the 1-8 vs 4-5 series (10 / 5-10 / 9) will take place at Petco Park in San Diego, and the 2-7 vs 3-6 series (10 / 5-10) will take place. / 9) Played at Dodger Stadium in LA. ALCS (10 / 11-10 / 17) will take place at Petco Park.

In the National League, the 1-8 vs 4-5 series (10 / 6-10 / 10) will take place at Arlington’s Globe Lifefield and the 2-7 vs 3-6 series (10 / 6-10). .. / 10) It will be held at Minute Maid Park in Houston. After that, NLCS (10 / 12-10 / 18) will be held at Globe Life Field.

The World Series (10 / 20-10 / 28) will be held at Globe Life Field.

The home team for each of these series is determined by the seed. The Division Series uses the 2-2-1 format, and the League Championship Series and World Series use the 2-3-2 format. The top seeds of the World Series are determined by regular season records.

As you may have noticed, with the exception of the World Series, zero holidays will definitely affect how pitching staff are managed and will also test the depth of each team’s roster as a whole. DH is still used in the National League, but the additional inning rules for the regular season, where the team is given an automatic runner on second base, do not apply to the MLB playoffs. All additional innings, as usual, no one, no one.

What are the rules for tiebreakers at the end of the regular season?

MLB logo | Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

Over the past few years, if the team tied the post-season spot at the end of the regular season, additional games were played. This does not apply to the 2020 MLB playoffs. If the two teams are tied at the end of the regular season, the first tiebreaker will be the match record, if applicable. If that doesn’t work, the next tiebreaker is an intra-departmental record. If that doesn’t work, the next tiebreaker will be the record for the last 20 division games, until the tie breaks. Lists all scenarios, including 3-way or 4-way ties.

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