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service is now available to pre-order subscribers

the cloud games got a boost last month when Nvidia announced its new level GeForce Now 3080 and first impressions seemed to show that it made a big difference in terms from performance. Now that option is really available to customers.

Announced as part of its ‘GFN Thursday’ blog post, Nvidia says it has begun the process of implementing the level GeForce Now 3080 for those who pre-ordered the update of the subscription. This may not affect everyone at once, but Nvidia claims that the launch will continue until all stakeholders have access.

GeForce NOW 3080 – The service also added four games

Many fans of the service have already received quick look-based access to the r / GeForceNow subreddit. Players in North America Those who pre-ordered a six-month subscription to GeForce NOW RTX 3080 will start getting theirs account enabled with this month’s new class of service. The launch will continue until all requests you will not have been satisfied.

GeForce Now RTX 3080 level is same product existed for a year or two, offering the ability to convey i pc games from Nvidia servers to the device of your choice using titles you already own markets come Steam ed Epic Games. However, the updated backend hardware allows for higher quality streaming up to 4K and, based on first impressions, consistently faster performance and more in line with the previous standard, Google Stadia.

Pre-orders for the new tier are still open, with prices by one period from six months which costs 99 euros. Nvidia also announced today that four new games have been added to the service this week.

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