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Sicilia zona arancione e spostamenti, scarica autocertificazione

Sicily orange zone and journey, download self-certification

Even on Easter weekend, when the entire peninsula will be in the purple zone, it will be doable to take a look at friends and family. Listed here is the self-certification form to download for every need.

With the new decree, from March 15 to April 6 all of Italy will be divided into crimson or orange locations, but it will nonetheless be in partial lock on Easter weekend (April 3, 4, 5). The yellow zones, this sort of as Sicily, will move to the increased risk variety as of tomorrow, with the exception of Sardinia, which will continue to be the white zone.

Easter, visits to family members and mates.

Throughout the Easter weekend (April 3-5) all of Italy will be in the red zone. A form of confinement, therefore, due to the fact they will be all visits are prohibited – even those in your own municipality – not justified by confirmed have to have, function, or wellness demands. Any citizen who is compelled to depart the dwelling should, as a result, convey theself certification. Obtain THE SELF-CERTIFICATION Type Here

Having said that, it will be possible traveling to friends or relatives in their properties. The movement can take put a utmost of after a day and for a utmost of two folks, in addition to small children beneath 14 a long time of age or any disabled particular person who life together. An additional restrict to notice will be thecalendar Visits amongst 5 and 22 will be allowed, even in municipalities other than their possess, but in any case only within the your area.

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Orange zone, actions authorized

Totally free movement will apply in the orange areas, but only in the just typical. Individuals who reside in municipalities with a most of 5,000 inhabitants They will be capable to move freely – generally involving 5 and 22 – inside 30 km of the limit of their municipality, but not toward the provincial capitals.

In any scenario, an exception will be the needed excursions (for work, health and fitness or requirement good reasons) that ought to be sufficiently justified.