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SIFU Roadmap: Free Content and New Gameplay


SIFU gets a lot of new content! The roadmap for 2022 promises a lot. Source: Sloclap

Kung fu hit Sifu is back with more content, developer and publisher Sloclap reports in a recent announcement. Among other things, there is finally the possibility to adapt the difficulty of the fighting game, which convinces in terms of gameplay, to your abilities and needs.

In addition, the training mode is being worked on, the point system is being overhauled, and additional modifiers are being introduced to further individualize the game. A replay editor will also be integrated later in the year so you can relive great moments and of course share them with friends. In winter there will even be an arena mode!

The roadmap announces the following free updates:

  • spring: The first update will introduce difficulty options and an advanced training mode, as well as the ability to change clothes so you always look fresh as you embark on the path of revenge.
  • Summer– Fans can look forward to an expanded scoring system, as well as gameplay modifiers that can be used to customize the Sifu experience.
  • autumn: A replay editor will let you share (and show off) your best moves in battle. There are also new game modifiers and outfits.
  • winter: A completely new game mode: Arena. (More information will follow throughout the year.) Of course, this update will also include other new mods and outfits.
Road map square frame 2
SIFU roadmap promises a lot of new content! Source: Sloclap

Sifu’s main inspiration comes from classic kung fu movies, with some members of the Sloclap Pak Mei development team having practiced kung fu and other martial arts. During the game’s development, the Sloclap team worked closely with the Kowloon Nights team in Beijing and Hong Kong to ensure the game was as respectful of Chinese kung fu culture as possible.

Various consultants from Chinese video game companies were invited to contribute and provide feedback, resulting in numerous changes to the game, from the main character’s appearance to environmental details. In keeping with the five elements of wuxing at the heart of the game, Chinese composer Howie Lee blended traditional Chinese instruments with electronic music to create a unique soundtrack that further enhances the authentic feel that the Sloclap team was aiming for.

So if you want more, you can wait for the first update, which will be released soon!

If you want to see more about SIFU, check out our allusion to the fighting game:

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