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Signal “outperforms” WhatsApp with a very useful new feature


Cool new feature just released by Signal. The potential is even greater than with WhatsApp

Signal (Adobe Stock) Comes to a Cool New Update for Video Calling

Besides the great giants like Telegram me WhatsAppIn the world of messaging platforms there are also minor realities that should not be underestimated. One of them is Sign which, despite the criticism in recent months, can boast a good share of users. To keep growing, developers are looking at additional features.

One of these has just been released and is (almost) unique. From now on, in fact, the group calls will be guaranteed with a maximum pot limit 40 participants. This is super data, even higher than WhatsApp. Before the update, it was possible to add a maximum of 5 people simultaneously to the call.

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Signal, details of calls with 40 participants.

At least initially, Sign relied on a practical open source solution that already existed to video calls. After a while, he discovered that there was no reliable way to expand the system to more than eight participants. That is why it was decided to create its own call service based on the selective forwarding technique. Participants trust servers to relay theirs. audio and video, without having to alter the content in any way. The solution in question has already been exploited for about 9 months and with the latest update will allow up to a maximum of 40 people simultaneously participate in a call.

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At least for now, this additional functionality will only be active in mobile apps. And there are already those who started the comparison with WhatsApp which, after launching group video calls in 2018, took a long time to expand to more participants. In 2020 it has arrived up to a maximum of 8 people at the same time, a very distant figure compared to Signal’s 40. Who knows, this update may not give Zuckerberg’s service a boost either.

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