WhatsApp has been expanded with more and more features in recent years. Part of the inspiration for this came from the competition, but the Meta messenger also serves as the source. Signal will take over a popular WhatsApp feature.

Signal gets history function

Many messengers and services have had a history or status feature for a long time. The signal will be included soon. A few months ago a rumor surfaced that Signal would like to take over this feature. they are up now Reddit Screenshots have surfaced to confirm this. Signal is selling the feature as a new way to send photos, videos, and text. the The stories, of course, are end-to-end encrypted. and users have full control over the content.

Stories can be divided into groups where you find yourself and everyone can react to them there. This is not possible with WhatsApp, for example. As with Instagram, a story or status is sent to all followers or contacts. The function to turn off the stories is practical. If you don’t feel like using the story feature and don’t want to see other people’s stories, you can simply disable the feature entirely. Some certainly wish they had WhatsApp as well. Creating a story is just as easy on Signal as it is on many other services. So you don’t have to change much here.

Signal is among the best WhatsApp alternatives:

Signal does not want to open

The EU wants couriers to be able to communicate with each other. To do this, the messengers would have to open and share the encryption. Since each service has different underpinnings, that would be a huge security concern. That’s why Signal wants to fight back. It’s also unlikely that many other messaging providers have much interest in costly build users having to be shared.

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