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Silent Hill creators at World of Tanks Halloween event

Silent Hill creators at World of Tanks Halloween event

Wargaming Free Play Combat MMO, World of tanksIs working hard to collaborate with two of the original creators for this year’s Halloween. Silent Hill Series: Artist and monster designer Akihiro Ito and musician Akira Yamaoka. While waiting for the long-rumored restart of Silent Hill, or while waiting for Konami to do something (anything!! ) In the franchise, World of tanks Our current best option for horror vibes in another world.

World of tanks‘Halloween events include PvE co-op mode where players fight “armored monster tanks of mysterious origin” as a team of five. In the mysterious town of Mirny-13, players need to fight the waves of enemy forces, collect resources called Mirium, and deliver them to a structure called Magnus. The surviving players are taken to parallel dimensions, where thicker fog wraps around the town.

The event will include new player-purchasable 3D skins designed by Akihiro Ito, creator of Silent Hill’s iconic pyramid head. The skins of those tanks are rusty, choked with barbed wire, and otherwise quite Silent Hill-y. According to Wargaming, Akira Yamaoka, who is in charge of the representative soundtrack of the Silent Hill series, created an “unforgettable ambient track” that will be played in the event hangar.

More detailed breakdown of World of tanksYou can watch the Halloween event from October 26th to November 9th in the video below.