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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories The spiritual successor to the original writer's work

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories The spiritual successor to the original writer’s work

Award-winning game designer Sam Barlow is building the pitch for the spiritual successor to Silent Hill Shattered Memories, who was lead designer and writer in 2009. However, the pitch is not for Konami and we do not use silent. HillIP.Barlow, best known for award-winning games such as Her Story and Telling Lies, has been teased. twitter He is working on a follow-up pitch for Shattered Memories. Barlow talked to IGN to find out exactly what this pitch meant.

“”[W]I have a game that we want to make. This is very special. [Shattered Memories]?? ‘How do you go that further now?’ Says Barlow. “Like the Outer Worlds Fallout take and the Bloodstained Castlevania take. Therefore, it’s not from Konami or the brand Silent Hill.”Barlow also states that he will take lessons learned from Her Story, Telling Lies, and his upcoming Project A and roll them back into a third-person gaming experience.

Barlow is currently developing Project A, which is not a follow-up to Shattered Memories. However, he confirmed that Project A was “creepy” and that the game’s wishlist acted as a “down payment.” [Shattered Memories] Also known as the successor, Project Door Peak. “

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a 2009 adaptation of the original Silent Hill game. Like the original PlayStation 1 horror game, Shattered Memories continued when Harry Mason was looking for a daughter in the town of Silent Hill. In this game, we used psychological profiles to accommodate players and change elements of every individual story. Some, like this author, consider it one of the best Silent Hill games in the series.

Matt TM Kim is an IGN reporter.