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SIMA Peru renews equipment in its Main Data Center

SIMA Peru renews equipment in its Main Data Center

Based at the SIMA Callao facilities

The submarine BAP Antofagasta in the Transfer Yard of SIMA Callao. Photo: SIMA Peru

02/01/2021 | Lime

Peter watson

The local company Aggity Peru SAC a contract of SIMA Peru for the purchase, installation, migration and commissioning of a cluster of computer servers in the SIMA Callao Main Data Center to avoid imminent obsolescence of equipment in service.

The Main Data Center houses about 50 information or communication systems on nine physical servers, of which SIMA has characterized six servers as obsolete. The six obsolete servers contain 28 systems that are used by the Peruvian shipyard and are classified as critical systems. SIMA is in the process of standardizing its computer equipment in its three industrial plants.

The contract awarded to Aggity Peru contemplates the integration of three servers, two for processing and one for storage. Each of the two operating servers has two processors, 12 2.4 GHz multithreading technology cores, and a minimum of 16.5 MB of cache per processor; 256 MB of RAM at 2,933 MHz, with 16 slots DDR4 DIMM, expandable to 1 Terabyte. To interface with the network LAN SIMA has ten 10 Gb ports SFF +, four 1 Gb ports RJ45, a 1 Gb port RJ45 dedicated to management systems, four transceivers SFP + SR.

Two 240 GB disks are used for storage M.2 SSDFlexible, storage support for up to ten HDD OR SAS / SATA SSD 2.5-inch (including up to four drives NVMe) or four discs HDD OR SSD 3.5 inch. Also support up to ten discs SATA / SAS 2.5-inch and storage up to 90 Terabytes with disks SFF or four hard drives SAS / SATA 3.5-inch and support for storage up to 60 Terabytes with disks LFF. Each server supports disks up to 14 Terabytes HDD.

The new storage server is technology ISCSI 10 Gbps, has two controllers with at least 32 GB of native memory cache each, minimum 12 ports ISCSI 10 Gbps (six for each controller), six transceivers SFP +, non-disruptive firmware update, 21 1.8TB drives HDD SAS 10,000 RPM and two 1.6 TB drives SSD, 24-disk enclosure SFF, among others.

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