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"Simple mode" and "Health" make everyday life easier

“Simple mode” and “Health” make everyday life easier

Font too small, reaction too fast: Smartphones overwhelm older people in particular. With a few tricks, the mobile phone goes from being an enemy to a friend, and even a physical trainer.

Hamburg – Sometimes less is more: Samsung smartphones offer some practical simplifications as part of “simple mode”. The specialized magazine “Computer Bild” (Issue 11/2022) points this out. To do this, first open the smartphone settings and click “Show”. Then select the item “Simple mode” and activate it.

For example, you can now select how long you have to tap an icon before it reacts on “Tap/Hold”. This can be useful: a longer delay forgives unintentional touches and the unplanned opening of applications. If you also want this for the keyboard, you have to configure it separately. This can be done in the settings under “Interactions & Dexterity” and “Touch Duration” as well as “Ignore Repeated Touches”.

The “High Contrast Keyboard” tab in the “Simple Mode” menu also promises fewer obstacles when using it. There you can select various color settings and contrasts. This makes the keys easier to see. All symbols and text can also be made larger and easier to read in “Settings”, “Display” and “Font size and style”.

The iPhone offers another additional function that is useful in everyday life: turn on “fitness tracking” in “Settings”, “Privacy”, “Exercise and fitness”. From now on, the iPhone records all the steps and provides you with statistics in the “Health” application. So that users know exactly how much they have already moved. dop

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