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Six new features: Whatsapp's big update for voice messages

Six new features: Whatsapp’s big update for voice messages

Six new features
Great whatsapp update for voice messages.

Whatsapp gets a major update that adds six new features to voice messages. Among other things, users can now review their messages before sending them.

Whatsapp has been able to send voice messages since 2013, and an incredible 7 billion are now sent around the world every day. Some users just don’t feel like writing long texts, others just express themselves better when they say what’s important to them.

Because the feature is so popular, it now gets a total of six major improvements. They won’t all come at once, they will be phased in over the next few weeks. Anyone who has installed the beta version of the application can already use one or another new feature.

– Playback outside of chat: This makes it possible to listen to voice messages outside the chat while reading or replying to other messages.

– Pause/resume recording– This enhancement allows you to pause and resume recording voice messages as needed, such as when you are being disturbed or want to organize your thoughts.

– Waveform display: Around To make the history of a recording more traceable, the sound of a voice message is now displayed visually.

– Recording control before sending: Important when it comes to details: In the future, voice messages can be listened to before they are sent.

– Fast playback of forwarded messages: If you’re in a hurry, your own and forwarded voice messages can be played 1.5 times faster or twice as fast.

– Playback from last listened position: This innovation allows you to resume playback of a partially heard voice message from the point where it was interrupted when returning to a chat.