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Six Things iOS 15 Can Learn From Android 12 – Google Android


Apple recently released the latest beta version of iOS 14.5, which brings some gradual improvements to the iOS 14 system that the iPhone 12 series is equipped with. Our XDA forum believes that in terms of the usability of the iOS system, compared to the latest Android system 12, there are still some areas that need to be improved.


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The next generation iOS system will be available in June as the factory system for the next generation iPhone 13 series released in September or October.AppleSoftware engineers have a few months to improve this new system. In our case, several colleagues are part of the dual machine of Apple and Android, so here are some features of the Android system that we hope Apple can see in iOS 15.

Better notification management

When i wake upMobile phoneThere are usually dozens of notifications from Gmail, WhatsApp and Telegram. If my primary device is an Android phone, I’ll only see three notification cards, one for each app, because the Android system will group all the notifications for an app into one. If I want to see it, I can expand and see each individual message. But before I did that, my notice was still uniform.

If I put my main SIM card in my iPhone, it would be a disaster. Although iOS will categorize notifications from the same App by default, when notifications from an App are separated by several hours, it will be cut off by notifications from other apps.

For example, screenshot below: Android system classifies all my Telegram information on one card; however, the information sent by the iPhone is divided into two parts. Also, take a closer look at both of their Gmail tabs.

Anyone who gets a lot of notification management every day will agree that current iPhone notifications need some tweaking, and that iOS can learn Android notification management well.

Home screen layout restrictions

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is cumbersome when used with one hand. Some people will attribute this to the “feature” of a large screen phone, but I have different opinions. I can operate a similar size with one hand.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or LG Wing mobile phone, and the use process is not so tiring, because Android can change the grid layout of the desktop application.

For example, I put all the apps I use at the bottom of the screen, and then I can use a horizontal grid with a larger number of arrangements, so I can put more than four apps underneath.

iOS does not allow me to do this. Whether you’re using a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini or a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, the desktop grid layout has always been fixed and should be arranged from top to bottom, left to right. You can take a look at the image below. When you want to open Spotify, please tell me which device is more convenient for one-handed operation. Opening Spotify on the iPhone requires you to open your palm and stretch your fingers to reach that position.

Some people may say, “Then sing with your hands or put more widgets on the desktop and let the application stay under the desktop.” Do not! Both are methods of compromise. In order to be able to open my application easily, I cannot find a solution.

Auto rotate suggestions

Both Android and iOS offer the feature to lock portrait orientation so that when the phone is tilted, the app does not rotate automatically. This function is especially convenient when using a mobile phone while lying in bed.

However, on iOS, as long as the orientation is locked, it will not change automatically. If my portrait lock is on and I want to view the video in landscape orientation, I must open the control center and turn off the orientation lock.

On Android, starting with Android Pie, the system has added a feature called “Rotation Suggestion”: it allows users to lock the vertical direction to cover when playing videos horizontally, and automatically prompts will appear when using applications that support the mode. horizontally to play video, or when the phone is tilted horizontally, a small icon will appear in the corner of the screen, asking if you want to rotate horizontally. When I ignore it, this suggestion will not appear again. Such a small function makes the phone more “smart”, not to mention that it can be more convenient when you are lying in bed and using the smartphone.

Currently, iOS does not provide such a feature. Although the lack of this feature will not allow users to lose the experience of using smartphones. But I think this is a feature that can be added to a mature operating system.

Predictive dialing

This may seem old to me, but I still call. On Android system, as soon as I start typing a number, the dialer will start looking for that number in my contact list. This way, when I only enter the second or third digit of the number, the person’s full contact information has already appeared in the dialer and I can directly click on the user’s name to make a call.

So far the iPhone has not been able to do this. In fact, iOS won’t show the contact’s name until you enter the full phone number. Even if you lose a number, iOS won’t budge.

See example screenshot below: On iPhone, it won’t show my girlfriend’s contact information until I’ve entered all eight digits of my girlfriend’s phone number; On Android, the dialer has passed the second number of confirmed contacts.

On the T9 dial page, iOS won’t even search automatically. If you want to search for a contact by name, you have to go to the contact tab and use the search bar. When you were used to making calls on Android with such ease, iOS was really a drawback.

Double tap to wake up vs tap to wake up

Since the iPhone X canceled the home button, Apple has introduced a software feature called “Tap to Wake.” As the name suggests, users can touch the screen to wake up the screen. This is good because it is more convenient to touch the screen to wake up the phone than to press the power button. But the Android system has a more superior solution: double click to wake up.

It’s difficult to accidentally shoot as it requires two consecutive taps to activate the screen. I often walk around town with my phone (even when I’m not using it), and I don’t like that the iPhone screen occasionally turns on when I don’t intend to turn it on because my palm has already touched the screen. This situation does not occur on my Android device.

I also want to pay tribute to LG, because it is on Google, Samsung,OPPO withSonA similar “double tap to wake” feature was introduced many years ago.

Best file management system

Downloading files to the local hard drive for later use is a common practice in computing, and the Android system has provided us with this option from day one. However, prior to the release of iOS 11 in 2017, the iPhone had no file system. Even now, the iOS file system is messy.

For example, I can only download the file in email on iPhone, and only when it is sent as a separate attachment. If it is sent as part of a third party cloud storage (like Google Drive), I cannot save the file to the iPhone hard drive. On Android, it doesn’t matter what app or service it is, as long as it’s a file, I can download it and save it to my local hard drive.

We know the philosophy of Apple. They restrict downloads so that people who don’t know what they’re doing don’t get littered with garbage (think how cluttered the download folders on our parents’ computer are). But for those of us who know what we’re doing, the direct download option is much more convenient.

Android grants too many permissions to store apps, but even with these flaws, Android is still the more convenient of the two file systems.

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