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Sky Piccolo Principe

Sky: the Little Prince event arrives

Heaven and the little prince

Thatgamecompany, best known for the critically acclaimed games Journey and Flower, today released its first collaborative season of its award-winning game, Sky: Children of the Light. Sky’s adventure-filled special season will feature the internationally beloved character, The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince), from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s intergenerational French children’s novel. The event comes just in time to celebrate The Little Prince’s 75th anniversary and is available to download on Sky via the Apple app, Google Play and the Nintendo SwitchTM Game Store.

The “Season of the Little Prince” will be the tenth season of Sky and will be playable in the next 11 weeks. A beautifully designed new area “Starlight Desert” has been added to stage the new story. During the season, the player will be tasked with exploring a different part of Sky’s kingdom with the Little Prince to learn about his history and travels. Fans of the novel will also recognize some of the other iconic characters joining the thematic story arc. There will be more surprises, expressions, items, and cosmetics to unlock during this special season.

“It is wonderful to see the Little Prince in ‘Sky’. We are delighted that Jenova and her team have thought about this collaboration. It makes perfect sense, as The Little Prince and Heaven have strong common values ​​and both inspire people to love friendship, love and childhood, “added Olivier d’Agay, great-grandson of Antoine de Saint Exupéry and CEO of Antoine from the Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation.

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“The Little Prince was one of the biggest inspirations for me and the team during the initial development of Sky. There are so many levels of depth about childhood, love, and friendship in this book, even when we review it for this season, we discover new things. I am very honored to work with Olivier and his team. We hope Sky fans enjoy it as much as we do, who designed this new season, ”added Jenova Chen, co-founder and creative director of thatgamecompany.

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Last month, the game also surpassed 100 million installs since its launch on Apple’s App Store in July 2019. The team expects continued growth with Sky following its recent launch on Nintendo Switch and optional cross-play functionality. on mobile devices. With compassion, friendship and altruism at the core of Sky, the game’s innovative experience has garnered both critical acclaim and awards. Among the various awards, it has been honored with accolades such as the 2019 Apple iPhone Game of the Year and the 2020 Apple Design Award, as well as awards at the SXSW Awards 2020, Game Developers Choice Awards 2020, Best Independent Game of 2020 from Google Play. Store, The Webby Awards 2020 and 2021.

Sky: Sons of Light is a free game on Nintendo Switch, the App Store for compatible Apple devices, and on Google Play for Android devices. All the features of the “Season of the Little Prince” can be activated by purchasing the Adventure Season Pass for € 10.99 or you can get it with the package from three to € 21.99 within Sky. Additional items and cosmetics, such as Fox Prop, Little Prince Scarf, and Asteroid Jacket, will also be available for in-app purchase for a limited time.

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