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Slots Sagas that are worth to play for real cash

Slot machines are a great way to try your luck at winning the jackpot whilst having a lot of fun, it really is a casino classic – but there’s not much concept or story put into it. However, there are slot machine games that were so successful that they took on a life of their own and resulted in something bigger than the games we usually play – visit nodepositfreespins.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read on to find out our favourite Slots Sagas that are worth to play for real cash. We’re going to be diving into:

          Age of the Gods Slots

          Rainbow Riches

          Future of Slots Sagas

Age of The Gods

Our absolute favourite slots sagas has to be Age of The Gods – you’ve probably heard about it. It’s one of the original and best slot games based around the theme of Greek mythology, boasting a grand total of 5-reels and 20 pay lines, in addition to 4 progressive jackpots and a whole bunch of bonuses! As you can probably imagine, this instant classic was so successful upon release that it spawned a whole new series of slots games, the most popular of these being Age of The Gods: King of Olympus. This brand-new enhancement includes offers of 10 free spins, 3x multipliers and 3D animations, in addition to all the features mentioned from the original. This series truly is a slots saga worth playing for real cash, and if you haven’t tried it already, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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Rainbow Riches

Another favourite of ours has to be Rainbow Riches and the series’ absolute best Rainbow Riches: Pick N’ Mix – this slots series is similar in popularity to Age of Gods, but with a key difference – it’s themed around Irish folklore instead of Greek mythology. Offered to us by Barcrest, this is certainly their most popular slots game, including bonuses such as:

             – Wishing Well Bonus

             – Pots of Gold bonus round

             – Pots of Gold round

However, I’m afraid we don’t want to ruin the mystery of what these bonuses offer – you’re just going to have to go and try it to find out! I’ll give you a hint – it’s brilliant. Hopefully you’ll find the end of the rainbow!

The Future of Slots Sagas

There are already plenty of classic Slots Sagas that are worth playing for real cash, and we’ve started to realize something – slots are now so popular that every game is becoming a saga! We think that the next ultimate slots saga will be in a new cutting-edge form of technology, perhaps something like virtual reality! This could be in the form of a new Rainbow Riches or Age of The Gods game, or something completely new! All we can do is wait to see – but for now, try out one of these slots sagas that are worth playing for real cash, we are sure you will love them.