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Ever since the official announcement that Blizzard Entertainment is working on a “Warcraft Mobile,” fans have been overwhelmed with wishes and creative ideas about what kind of game it could be. The name Warcraft Go, inspired by Pokémon Go as an offshoot of pet battles, came up in inner circles. And rumor has it that the new Blizzard Mobile game could be a Clash Royale, that is, a tower attack game. Well, we can’t say anything about Warcraft Go. But the people who drew comparisons to Clash Royale were right. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is more reminiscent of Supercell’s well-known Clash Royale. We have already played the closed beta and we tell you our experiences, in moving images and text ^^

Set the stage for Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Edwin Van Cleef’s gunship fires cannonballs all over the map; you must dodge them.

Source: Blizzard

So Arclight Rumble is a typical tower attack game. What does that mean for those who have never played such a game? The cinematic shows it pretty well: in Arclight Rumble you assemble a team of six so-called minis from the units of five different families. These families are Alliance, Horde, Blackrock, Wild Animals, and Undead, which often even have abilities and traits known from WoW and Hearthstone.

Your team does not have to belong exclusively to a single family, but your units, the so-called minis, should cover a wide range of abilities, such as causing area damage or being able to last a little longer as a brawler than as a troll spear. pitcher. It doesn’t hurt to have a unit that hits flying enemies. And then there are the spells that help in different situations. Did you put together a team? Then start!

PvP only? puff pastry! Give yourself the PvE campaign!

In Arclight Rumble you compete in an extensive PvE campaign with more than 70 maps against AI opponents or in PvP against other players in Tower Offense mode. The basic principle of this strategy fighter: you spawn units in your base in exchange for automatically generated gold.

These cards themselves offer all kinds of opportunities to earn advantages for you. You can change your spawn locations, for example by taking a catapult. You need to defeat him first, then it will take a while for the catapult to appear for you and target nearby enemies. A catapult can defend itself, but on average it takes longer to capture than a Gathering Stone. In turn, it does not defend itself when invaded by opponents.

Other tactical tricks offered by the game’s maps are the control arrows on the ground, which influence the direction of your units. And higher parts of the rails, for example with bridges. The advantage of them is obvious: ranged fighters can rake opponents in the bot lane from above, without being allowed to defend. hrhrhr. And then there are the maps where there is no lane at all, but where you want to spawn your units by walking through polished bananas dropped by King Mukkla to level up. By the way, Hearthstone’s autobattler mode greets you at this point.

You can also actively increase the automatically generated gold. With goblins you can mine gold from renewable ore veins. On some maps there are also treasure chests that you can loot some coins from. You need to grab those ore veins and crates as much as possible; otherwise your opponent will!

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