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Smartphones: 128 GB is enough for now

Smartphones: 128 GB is ample for now

The calendar year 2020 will have found the normal storage capacity of smartphones set its quarters on the 100GB line.. According to a study from Counterpoint investigationPresent-day mid-range and superior-end smartphone shoppers tend to go for 128GB, while greater capacities are still a minority.

Storage capacity has grow to be a true assortment criterion, before purchase but concerning iOS and Android the averages differ.

In the previous quarter of 2020, the average potential of iPhones bought by merchants attained 140.9 GB, in which the block of Android phones was at 95.7 GB. A gap that is narrowing as these averages have increased by 5.6% in Apple iphone in 2020 compared to 20.5%. on the Android facet.

Progress on Android has benefited from the existence of a 1TB configuration a yr back with the Galaxy S10 Moreover, exactly where Apple stops at 512GB from the Iphone XS. But these 1TB are nonetheless rare from variety to selection and not provided in all marketplaces.

In Q4 2020, the share of 256GB and 512GB iPhones was close to 21.5%, 6 details much less than the previous yr. The 512GB accounted for all-around 3.7% of revenue.

In the close, the over-all ordinary capability was 130GB on the Apple iphone, and that is more than enough for most of its clients.

In Android, these large capacities (256 GB and much more) also represented a minority, with 7.5% at the conclude of 2020. On this platform, the 128 GB threshold is also viewed as now as the minimum regular for mid-variety units. . / Top of the line.

Apple’s lineup on sale nowadays is with versions starting at 64GB.

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