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Smartphones will change forever


Samsung is currently the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. However, the South Korean company has recently made some mistakes that should not happen again. That is why Samsung is now planning to take a big step towards independence, as is known from Apple.

Samsung wants to develop its own Galaxy processor

Samsung smartphones are usually equipped with an Exynos processor, at least in Germany. Actually, it is a chip specially developed by Samsung for its smartphones, at least that is what we thought until now. In fact, it’s not supposed to be that way. The individual parts of the company that are involved in development should not be so closely connected. It is more of a modular system that is not well coordinated. More recently, an AMD GPU was added, which was supposed to be a revolution. Instead, Samsung has one for you. caused a small scandal with the limitation of 10,000 applications. But all that is about to change. (Source: news 24).

Exactly what Apple wants Samsung is now developing its own processor, which is specially optimized for Galaxy smartphones. Samsung wants to shake off the scandal surrounding the app accelerator and has presented it as a solution to misery. Previous Exynos processors haven’t covered themselves in glory for years. There were issues with performance, heat buildup, and excessive power consumption. With the new truly proprietary processor, these problems should no longer arise. At least that’s what Samsung promised at a staff meeting.

What the current Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can do:

The trend is towards your own processor

If a smartphone manufacturer develops its own processor, it can perfectly adapt it to its needs and does not have to compromise. We’ve seen it at Apple for years., but recently also at Google with the tensor chip. This enables artificial intelligence capabilities that have never existed before. This step would be extremely important for Samsung to improve the brand image again. Oppo is also developing its own processor. It will be exciting to see the possibilities this creates.

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