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SmartTone 5G broadband is flexible to use! ZTE MC801A 5G Router Setup Tutorial with Focus-Computer


There are many settings for the router to choose from. The router settings page provided below at uses the ZTE MC801A 5G router provided by SmarTone 5G Broadband as an illustration to teach its settings and optimization capabilities. Some settings can also be applied to other 5G routers or a Wi-Fi router. -Fi -Fi.

  • Take SmarTone 5G ZTE MC801A 5G Broadband Router as illustration
  • Demonstrate SmartTone 5G router configuration and optimization skills
  • Some configuration techniques can be applied to other 5G or Wi-Fi routers

step 01
Shows the status of the router.

After connecting to the Wi-Fi of the 5G router, enter “” in the browser of the computer or phone as the URL, then enter the password printed at the bottom of the device in the password field to access the main settings page. In the upper right corner of the main page, you can see the connected service providers and the signal strength like a mobile phone. In the central part, you can see the number of connected devices and the used bandwidth.

step 02
Code QR password Wi-Fi

Then drag the slider to the bottom of the main page, you can see a number of settings buttons. There is also a QR code associated with a Wi-Fi signal next to it. Just scan it with the mobile QR code apps to get the Wi-Fi SSID name and password.

step 03
Detailed measurement of 5G signal strength

Click From the main page to test the performance of the 5G connection on your site. After knowing the result, the user can also enter the name of the indoor site to be tested, such as entrance, kitchen, bedroom, etc., to record the 5G signal strength of different indoor sites.

step 04
Visitor Wi-Fi

Then, click under the words “Wi-Fi” on the main page to enter the Wi-Fi settings page. of the page The user can also enable the visitor’s Wi-Fi signal and set a simpler password for the visitor’s signal that the visitor can use.

step 05
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi transceiver optimization

If you want to improve your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal performance, you can use the “Wifi Analyzer” app on your phone to check nearby Wi-Fi channels. Then on the On the Wi-Fi settings page, change the “Frequency Channel” from 2.4 GHz to one that is used with fewer nearby Wi-Fi signals to improve Wi-Fi signal strength. Fi at 2.4 GHz.

step 06
Adjust Wi-Fi signal coverage

at the bottom of the page The Wi-Fi settings page contains the Wi-Fi coverage settings for Wi-Fi coverage. By default, the Wi-Fi coverage mode with the widest range of “Long Range Wi-Fi Coverage” is selected. If a portable battery power source is used instead of the AC power source, the narrower “Wi-Fi Short Range Coverage” can be specified. Wi-Fi coverage mode to save router power consumption.

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step 07
Share nearby Wi-Fi signals

There is also a function In Wi-Fi settings page, which can connect to nearby Wi-Fi signals, then share Wi-Fi connection via Wi-Fi sent by router, make 5G router “Wi-Fi Internet Router ”-Fi. In case it is not possible to receive 4G LTE or 5G signals, this function can be used to great advantage, since nearby Wi-Fi with weak signals is shared with the whole house.

Eighth step
Parental management function

Click From the main page of the router to enter the main administration page. You can see the devices connected to the router, press on the side of the device to add the device to the Children’s Devices list of children’s devices.

step 09
Select when the device is browsing the Internet

Click the button next to the device in the list of Devices for Kids on the page Set the day of the week and the period of time during which the device cannot access the Internet to restrict children’s Internet connection. climate.

step 10
UPnP BT acceleration function

Click From the router’s home page, then click → . After clicking to enable UPnP function, when downloading files using BT software such as “µTorrent”, the port forwarding setting can be completed automatically, which greatly improves the speed of BT downloads.

Step 11
Online game port pairing

Each online game uses a specific port. Completing the port binding settings can improve the stability of the connection. The relevant settings can be found on the game’s official website. from ? ? Users can complete the relevant port pairing settings according to the instructions on the game’s official website. Please note that “IP Address” must enter the IP address of the gaming device. The IP address can be found by launching the command prompt in Windows 10 and then entering the ipconfig command.

Step 12
Connect to a specific VPN client

Finally, go to → page and click Configure VPN client functionality settings. This feature allows the router to connect to a specific VPN server for a long time, to achieve the purpose of strengthening connection privacy protection, intranet data access, and removing regional barriers. For example, by connecting the router to a Japanese VPN, you can use the router’s Wi-Fi network to run mobile game applications exclusively in Japan.


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