for the launch of elite sniper 5 Developer Rebellion has come up with a fair strategy. Therefore, all players around the world should be able to enjoy the new sniper game at the same time. This is obviously based on peak times for the largest gaming regions. Unfortunately, Germany had it pretty tough. Of the Sniper Elite 5 Launch it arrives earlier than expected.

Rebellion has released a launch map so that all players eagerly awaiting the new part of the popular shooter series know exactly when they can start betting. There you will find the exact time of activation. For our region you probably need a particularly strong coffee… But see for yourself.

Sniper Elite 5 Release Schedule:

Sniper Elite 5 Release Date Map
Here you can see the release times of Sniper Elite 5.

As you can see on the release times map, it’s our turn at 2am on May 26. Many players will probably be lying comfortably in their beds. If you still want to enjoy the new sniper extravaganza right after launch, you need to set an early alarm or stay awake right away.

Do you want to buy Sniper Elite 5 quickly to secure the additional content? Then you can start here:

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Here you can buy Sniper Elite 5 and get the pre-order bonus:

Additional content includes, for example, the additional quest: “Destination Guide – Wolf Mountain” / Wolfsberg. Additionally, you will receive the P.1938 silenced pistol with two additional skins.

If you want to know how the new part of Sniper Elite works and what else there is to know about the game, take a look here. We have already played Sniper Elite 5:

Sniper Elite 5 Preview: We’ve Already Played The Game, Here’s What You Can Expect