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so you can speed up the audio in the app

WhatsApp has finally decided to incorporate a function that its users have long demanded. It is about the acceleration of audios on the platform, a tool that will make it much easier to listen to those voice messages that seem “eternal”.

WhatsApp reported that it will allow its users to adjust the speed of an audio to suit, but only in three levels, unlike Telegram that only allows one.

The function, as just mentioned, has three levels: x1 (normal speed), x1.5 (slightly faster), x2 (twice as fast as the original).

It is a very useful tool without a doubt, since it will allow the user to save time and understand everything perfectly without having to listen for a few seconds that may be important.

It will no longer be necessary to avoid those long audios or have to spend so much time listening to the same message.

How to activate audio acceleration in WhatsApp

The first thing to keep in mind for the activation of this new tool enabled by the messaging application is that you must have the latest beta version of the platform.

This version can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store, as it is available for both operating systems: iOS and Android.

Beta applications are downloaded by users to test new features, as well as to help the application report a bug so that it can be corrected long before it is officially released.

If you want to use the beta version of WhatsApp, you must register through this link which will take you to the beta testers web page of the application.

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