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Some partners are turning their backs: Nestlé swallows spice startup Ankerkraut

Some partners are turning their backs: Nestlé swallows spice startup Ankerkraut

Some partners walk away
Nestlé swallows spice startup Ankerkraut

Six years ago, the spice startup Ankerkraut made its breakthrough in the “Die Höhle der Löwen” show. The company now has sales in the tens of millions. Nestlé will also benefit from this in the future: the food company will become the majority owner.

The Nestlé food group acquires the majority of the Hamburg spice trader Ankerkraut. It has taken over the shares of the previous investors, EMZ Partners, Freigeist Capital and Knälmann Ventures, as well as parts of the management shares and will thus become the majority owner of Ankerkraut GmbH, Ankerkraut announced. The company did not give figures.

According to the information, Ankerkraut will continue to operate as an independent company with its own brand, founders Anne and Stefan Lemcke will remain on board as shareholders and brand ambassadors. The same applies to managing directors Timo Haas and Alexander Schwoch, who continue to run the company as shareholders.

Some cooperation partners are already distancing themselves from the company on Twitter in response to the acquisition. Several users have already posted a statement with the same wording. It says: “Just today we found out through social networks that Ankerkraut he sold the majority of his shares in the company to the Nestlé group. We were not informed of this in advance. We are very sad about this, but we had to make a thoughtful decision.”

Ankerkraut has worked with many influencers in the past, especially on social media. Some are now reporting that they had the company deactivate their discount codes and ended the collaboration.

Sales in the mid-double-digit million range

Ankerkraut GmbH from the south of Hamburg was founded in 2013 by Anne and Stefan Lemcke as a start-up company. The company now employs more than 230 people and achieves sales in the mid-double-digit million range.

Ankerkraut is best known for its appearance on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” in 2016. According to its own statements, Ankerkraut now sells more than 500 spices and spice mixes, sauces, teas and accessories.

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