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Some Simple Tricks To Super Effectively Remove Cat And Dog Hair From Clothes And Couches


Who would give up the fantastic company of our four-legged friends? The joy of coming back and finding those big eyes and a wagging tail to welcome us is the most rewarding thrill of the day.

However, we all feel overwhelmed by the hair of our furry friends. A no small puzzle, which can be kept at bay with quick and easy tricks, to be applied during the day.

Why do animals lose their hair?

Our friends, as well as we, are subject to move hair related. This phenomenon is mistakenly thought to occur only twice a year, in summer and winter.

In reality, this phenomenon happens all the time. Each time the hair cycle ends and then it is ready to fall to make way for the new smooth and shiny coat. During winter, this mantle tends to thicken to withstand higher temperatures. While in spring it tends to clear up. Therefore, the house will be even more invaded by hair.

Some Simple Tricks To Super Effectively Remove Cat And Dog Hair From Clothes And Couches

Quadrupeds, like us, love the comfort of the sofa, which, like the bed, becomes their favorite playground.

However, hair has the defect of sticking to sofas, pillows, sweaters, and just about everywhere. So how do you get rid of hair from objects and clothes?


Password! It seems trivial, but brushing our furry friend’s fur frequently will help remove dead hair. Consequently it will prevent this from settling on our clothes, sofas and carpets.

There are several brushes that you can buy, with soft or hard bristles. The advice is to do this practice in a moment of relaxation. This will allow the animal to experience a pleasant sense of well-being.

Vacuum cleaner

This is the most common and banal remedy, but very effective for removing hair. Spending it several times a day becomes essential, but if we do not want to be slaves to this gadget. It is important to associate this practice with other tricks.

It is also useful for passing sofas and rugs for the removal of excess hair.

Scotch tape

A super cheap but very effective remedy. Apply the masking tape to the garment to be cleaned and then remove it. The important thing is not to exert too much pressure so as not to damage the garment in question. Avoid this practice on silk garments.

Lint roller

This roll consisting of adhesive tape is commercially available ready to use. Just run it over clothes or sofas to catch all of your hair. A really useful tool, to always have at hand and, if necessary, to carry in your bag.

Balloons and microfiber cloths

Choose microfiber cloths to clean and remove hair from furniture. This tissue will tend, thanks to the electrostatic force that is created, to attract all the hairs towards itself. Even inflated balloons have the same principle. Simply rub them on the objects to be cleaned and they will act as magnets.

Here’s how to remove hair from appliances.

Hair tends to clog our appliances causing considerable and economically undesirable damage.

To avoid encountering this unpleasant event, simply:

  • put a sponge in the washing machine, which will attract all the hairs on itself during washing;
  • adding fabric softener promotes hair removal.

But the real secret is to act in prevention, using sheets or tight fiber fabrics to store where our furry friend likes to stay longer.

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