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Sonia Bruganelli, have you seen where she lives with Bonolis? What house!

She is the columnist for “Sonia’s books”, He is the most famous Roman conductor from the 1980s to the present day. Paolo and Sonia have lived together since 2002 in a very special residence. A chalet in the heart of the capital. This is how the house of Bonolis Bruganelli is built.


Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli are one now historical couple. Married for almost twenty years and very close. Both TV presenters. Your career needs no introduction at all. The lesser known is there private sphere. Let’s find out more about the intimate life of Paolo and Sonia. You want to see where they live?

The love nest of Sonia Bruganelli and Bonolis

She is the host of the Tim Vision format that bears her name “Sonia’s books”, aired until now on SDL.TV, is a columnist for several television programs and owner of a casting agency for the theater and for the small and big screen. In addition to the profession linked to the world of entertainment, sonia cultivates another passion that she has managed to transform into work. She is passionate about fashion and has created a line of children’s clothing.

No introduction needed the public knows the entire professional life of the director with whom it began Bim Bum Bam Thirty years ago and today he is one of the most famous faces of the first Italian television nights.

Paolo and Sonia met in the nineties, when she was doing telepromotions on the show Pull and spring. They got together in 1997 and got married five years later. Today they have others three children, Silvia, Davide and Adele. The family lives in a beautiful house. It is located in the heart of rome, in the Lungo Tevere Flaminio area.

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Bonolis-AltraNotizia House

A very chic house

By looking closely at the photos posted on social media, you can see that they both love a modern minimalist style but that does not renounce original details.

Brightly colored rugs and many small and large décor details add a personal touch to the home. For example, in the bedroom there is a beautiful one. hot tub right next to the bed. Adjacent to the couple’s sleeping area is the bathroom.

In the living area refinement is the host. Just note the glass coffee table whose base is made up of the couple’s two initials, B for Bonolis and S for Sonia. In the center of the living room, an important white sofa completes the ultra-chic furniture. Sets of transparencies in crystal and glass they also enrich the other rooms.

This style joins the gods antique furniture, in contrast to the contemporary trend of the rest of the villa. The result is an environment cozy but refined. Even the bathroom, made with colored upholstery pink suit, it looks luxurious.

Such sophistication was to be expected, given the couple’s standard of living and elegant tastes.