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Sonic and the Secret Ring (Wii, 2007) Video Game Music Review


Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA continuous hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make. Today, I’m enjoying a song that sways much more violently than the 2007 side story. Sonic and the Secret Ring.. I can’t wait, come back.

Part of what is now called the Storybook series alongside 2009 Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic and the Secret Ring (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb) Is a very ridiculous game.The famous hedgehog falls asleep while reading a classic story Arabian NightsOnly awakened by djinn seeking his help, to prevent the story from being erased by the vengeful Erazor Djinn. As the story progresses, Sonic encounters an old friend disguised as a legendary hero. The tail is Alibaba. Knuckles is Sinbad the Sailor. Sonic also gains experience levels and unleashes new skills. I don’t know which part of it is stupid.

But what’s not ridiculous Sonic and the Secret Ring‘soundtrack.Consists of a team of Sonic With regulars Woman who composed Bomberman(!), This unique music Sonic The game was inspired by the series’ signature guitar rock and Middle Eastern music Arabian Nights theme. One of my favorite tracks on the OST is “Let’s fix it at speed, “A strange collection of exotic instruments, rock, chanting and rap. It’s a bit busy, but all the components work very well.

Sega / DeoxysPrime (YouTube)

That is the characteristic sound of Sonic and the Secret RingBut it’s not the song fans think of when they remember the game. The honor is “7 rings in hand.. The opening theme of the game is, above all, straight rock on the soundtrack, and the vocals mourn for victory. Steve conteA former guitarist of the New York Dolls, he is a frequent contributor to anime soundtracks, including: Wolf’s Rain And Cowboy Bebop.. No song is ready to disappoint a game like “Seven Rings in Hand”.

Sega / DeoxysPrime (YouTube)

The guitar is driving. The echo of the chorus is mysterious. The lyrics are a bit puzzling, but they explain what you’re doing at a video game songwriting school.

Reborn belief
Rethink with myths in mind
Ask all that is known
The legend is blurred and torn

I’m going to rewrite some ancient stories.

There is no such thing as fate for those who speed
Not just to live, but an outdated road
So many things were erased before they started
I hope you never dream, not something that was possible

Sonic isn’t bound by fate, so somehow he’s not bound by fate and can stop the villain trying to get rid of it.

Is it a cheesy rock? Yes, it’s the cheapest.But for some reason “Seven Rings in Hand” made itself official Sonic the hedgehog The theme song in my head. When a new game is announced, we will start playing there. I have no control over it. I am relieved by the fact that I cannot be alone.After all, the song was used in both Super Smash Bros. And Super Smash Bros. Wii U As Sonic’s stage music. I love this stupid song.

Sometimes good things come from bad games. This is something to think about when slipping into the discussion part of morning music. Listen to the comments below about good games with bad music, bad games with good music, or what you’re planning for the weekend.

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