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Sony aims to bring popular PlayStation games to mobile devices

Sony can count on an unrivaled library of exclusive games and has exploited this value to its advantage in the rivalry with Xbox to outperform the competition by taking advantage of the highly sought after titles available exclusively on Play station.

The news is in these hours that the brand of the Japanese giant seems willing to land its most iconic games on mobile devices thanks to the search for a person in charge of the mobile division of PlayStation Studios.

The news comes to us thanks to the attentive gaze of the companions of Euro Gamer who saw a ‘listing for a job What Head of Mobile Devices, PlayStation Studios in which a candidate is requested who “Being responsible for building a team of leaders in the field of mobile devices and being the head of this new business unit within PlayStation Studios.”. The announcement also specifies that the candidate must “Focus on successfully adapting the most popular PlayStation games for mobile devices.”

Here’s Sony’s plan: adapt the most popular PlayStation titles for mobile devices

Sony can already have a wide range of titles and applications for smartphones and tablets, including mobile games from some of the most famous franchises such as: Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and God Of War.

The brand’s intentions seem clear: adapt some of the games Play station most famous and iconic for mobile devices. If this project were to come to fruition, it would represent the realization of a fan dream: the hypothesis of playing the most iconic PlayStation titles on your smartphone is nothing short of exciting.

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However, we will have to wait a few years before we can see concrete results, as the job advertisement description specifies that the candidate will have to develop a long-term strategy that will last 3-5 years.

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