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Sony applies for a PlayStation patent to help terrible people get better with video games

Sony applies for a PlayStation patent to help terrible people get better with video games

Sony has applied for a new patent to help terrible PlayStation gamers get better with video games, or at least feel better while playing PS4 and PS5 games. Every few months, a new PlayStation patent is published online, and the latest AI technology titled “Use Machine Learning to Increase or Decrease Difficulty of Defeating Video Game Opponents” adapts to player skills. And explain that it will decrease. Increase the difficulty to provide the ideal level of challenge.

The concept isn’t entirely new, but the patents and the technology they protect are new and sound quite advanced.Of course, the patent itself-you can see Here -Full of technical jargon and detailed details that are difficult to decipher. However, this patent describes a technique that more or less collects data about player patterns, including player strategy. Combining this with other relevant data such as success rates and skills, the technology modifies the AI ​​and its behavior to accommodate players struggling in the game section or blowing it away. In other words, it allows the AI ​​to adapt to the player on the fly.

I still don’t know what this actually looks like. I still don’t know if this is system-side technology or game-side technology. And, of course, it’s still unclear if anything will come from this technology. Sony is constantly applying for patents, many of which never graduate beyond the conceptual stage. This patent clearly has the PlayStation in mind, but no one knows when it will appear.

The patent writing style sounds like Sony is implementing it in New Game Plus. New Game Plus is a feature supported by many games. However, at this point, this is only a guess based on part of the wording of the patent.

At the time of publication, Sony has not commented on the patent or any speculation surrounding it. If this changes, we’ll update the story with what’s provided, whether it’s noticeable or not. In the meantime, for all the details of PlayStation, including the latest PS4 and PS5, click here or check the related links below.

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