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Sony wanted to bring PS Now to the iPhone

In 2017, Sony was also planning to launch the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service on the iPhone, as evidenced by a leaked Epic v. Trial. Apple.

In document, Apple refers to “Unannounced mobile expansion of an existing streaming service for PlayStation users, allowing streaming access to over 450 PS3 games to start with, with PS4 games to follow“No such expansion has ever materialized as it is today. PlayStation now Yes, it does offer PS4, PS3 and PS2 games, but only on Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and there has never been a version for iOS or Android, but not even for Mac.

The document shows that, in 2017, Apple and Sony discussed the possibility of bringing PS Now your iPhone, but in the end the port never came true. It is not clear why Sony has not made a mobile version of PS Now, among other things in a period in which the limitations of the App Store in this type of streaming content did not yet exist. The Verge speculates that Sony wanted avoid disputes with Apple and who preferred to focus on console sales. Recall that Xbox has also been close to bringing a solution similar to the iPhone.

IOS users can still use Remote playback to access PlayStation games on iPhone and iPad, but this solution requires the presence of a PlayStation console, while PS Now does not. Rumors suggest that Sony may introduce an updated cloud gaming service to compete with Xbox Game Pass in the future, but it is unclear if the new service will make it to mobile devices. If so, Sony will likely have to follow the path taken by Microsoft and Google in offering a web-based solution for iPhone and iPad.