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Sony works to explain PS5's new voice chat recording and moderation in more detail •

Sony works to explain PS5’s new voice chat recording and moderation in more detail • TECH GAMING REPORT

Following a misunderstanding earlier this week.

Following some surprises and confusion earlier this week PS4 latest system update message Notify users that “Voice chat may be recorded and sent by other users”. Created some memes -Sony explained more clearly how the new PS5 voice chat report works.

so New post on PlayStation blogCatherine Jensen, Head of Global Consumer Experience, began by apologizing for the confusion in how the new features were presented to PS4 players. “PlayStation gamers have learned about this new feature in a recent and unexpected way. PS48.00 System Update“I apologize for not explicitly communicating this feature or explaining why it was introduced,” she wrote.

Sony expansion First attempt to provide clarification Earlier this week, Jensen announced that PlayStation 5 will have new online security that will allow players to send and moderate a 40-second audio clip from their current voice chat session if another player takes a problematic action. I explained that it includes features.

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“If a gamer experiences abuse or harassment on the PlayStation Network, we believe it’s important to be able to report it quickly and accurately,” Jensen wrote. “If a PS5 player needs to submit a harassment report, the report can include up to 40 seconds of voice chat clips. In addition to 20 seconds of the main conversation with other players, another 10 seconds ago and After selecting a conversation. Players can only use the latest 5 minutes of voice chat for this reporting feature. “

“These reports can be sent directly from the PS5 console, and will be sent to the Consumer Experience team for moderation, listening to recordings and taking action as needed,” continues Jensen. However, she said, “Some of the reports submitted are invalid and our team considers this an opportunity to provide guidance and education.”

Jensen explained that the new voice chat security feature on the PlayStation 5 is not an option. Sony wants to “ensure that all users, not just those who choose to enable it, can safely play online with others.” Also, considering the cross-console voice chat feature available between PS4 and PS5, as we saw earlier this week, Sony’s current generation machine owners will also be able to record conversations with PlayStation 5 users. You have been notified.

“We appreciate your support and know that our team will always strive to create a positive experience on the PlayStation so that you can focus on playing great games and having fun with your friends. I want it, “Jensen concludes.