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Soon a PC port of FF7 Remake on the Epic Games Store?  News @JVL

Soon a PC port of FF7 Remake on the Epic Games Store? News @JVL

With the semi-confirmation of Alan Wake Remastered, the odds of watching FF7 Remake on PC via the Epic Games Store intensify.

Despite the launch of FF7 Remake Intergrade, the end of the temporary PlayStation exclusivity of the last Final Fantasy to date could come soon. Earlier this summer, the site EpicData Tracker I had found references to two great games: Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Alan Wake Remastered.

FF7 Remake on PC through the Epic Games Store?

Considering that the wick was sold by a Taiwanese merchant a few hours ago to Alan Wake, it is very likely thatPC Port FF7 Remake Announced Soon. Like the Kingdom Hearts games that came to PC some time ago, the adventures of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret It could also be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

For the record, the PS4 exclusivity was supposed to last for a year, but it looks like it was extended at least six months with the release of the Intergrade version last June. Square Enix has never communicated its intention to launch FF7 Remake on other platforms But his talk at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 could be a golden opportunity.

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