Carl Pei, along with Pete Lau, is one of the founders of OnePlus, helping to transform the company from a lesser-known “startup” (OPPO division) into one of the world’s most popular Android smartphone brands. I did. However, Pay seems to have quit his role in the company now, nearly seven years later.

This move was first revealed Reddit user Jon Sigur, OnePlus allegedly published screenshots of internal notes. The message described the company’s leadership structure and Pei was particularly absent.It is also mentioned in the memo Emily DaiThe person who was (or may continue to be) responsible for the operation of OnePlus in India has recently been appointed Global Head of the Nord product line. Pay used to be in charge of the node, Documentary on mobile phone development..

Screenshot of internal notification (Source: Jon Sigur)

We asked OnePlus for a statement, but a spokeswoman declined to comment. It adds more credibility to the story — if it’s wrong, it would be very easy for OnePlus to completely deny it.

Another OnePlus co-founder, Pete Lau, is still in the company and holds the CEO position. But he distracted some of his attention from OnePlus. Played a limited role At its parent company OPPO in August.

Android Central OnePlus hasn’t yet issued an official statement in any particular publication or in its own media, but two sources have reported that Pei has left the company “in the last few weeks.”